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Chapter 11 Ccna Essay

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Chapter 11

Indicate whether the statement is true or false.

____ 1. Asynchronous serial connections are typically used with analog modems.

____ 2. The benefit of multilink is that you can combine the bandwidth of two separate devices over one logical connection.

____ 3. Compared with PAP, CHAP provides a much more simple authentication process.

____ 4. Using authentication with PPP connections is mandatory.

____ 5. The Frame Relay map can be built automatically or statically depending on the Frame Relay topology.

Multiple Choice
Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

____ 6. PPP is an Internet standard protocol ...view middle of the document...

a.|logical circuits|c.|physical circuits|
b.|virtual circuits|d.|connection circuits|

____ 14. LMI uses ____ packets (sent every 10 seconds by default) to verify the Frame Relay link and to ensure the flow of data.

____ 15. In multipoint configurations, routers use the protocol ____ to send a query using the DLCI number to find a remote IP address.
a.|Inverse DNS|c.|Inverse PPP|
b.|Inverse ARP|d.|PAP|

____ 16. The basic LMI type has three information elements: report type, keepalive, and ____.
a.|id frame|c.|PVC status|
b.|PAP status|d.|authentication type|

____ 17. A(n) ____ implementation prevents routing update information received on one physical interface from being rebroadcast to other devices through that same physical interface.
b.|keepalive|d.|split horizon|

____ 18. When the sum of the data arriving over all virtual circuits exceeds the access rate, the situation is called ____.

____ 19. The Frame Relay ____ topology is like the bus LAN topology; nodes are simply strung along in a daisychained fashion.
a.|full mesh|c.|partial mesh|

____ 20. The ____ is the most popular Frame Relay topology.
a.|full mesh|c.|star|
b.|peer|d.|partial mesh|

____ 21. The ____ is the most expensive Frame Relay topology to implement because each router has a direct connection to every other router.
a.|full mesh|c.|partial mesh|

____ 22. The Frame Relay ____ topology allows redundancy for critical connections.
b.|full mesh|d.|partial mesh|

____ 23. In Frame Relay, to configure a multipoint subinterface, you map it to multiple remote routers using the same subnet mask, but different ____ numbers.

____ 24. The ____ command associates the DLCI numbers with a specific subinterface.
a.|frame-relay interface-number|
b.|frame-relay dlci number|
c.|frame-relay interface-dlci|
d.|interface-dlci number|

____ 25. You can check your Frame Relay configuration by using ____ commands.

____ 26. The most common show commands for monitoring Frame Relay operation are show interface, ____, show frame-relay map, and show frame-relay lmi.
a.|show frame-relay pvc|c.|show frame |
b.|show frame-relay status|d.|show interface lmi|

Complete each statement.

27. PPP, like many WAN technologies, is based on the ___________________________________ protocol.

28. The ______________________________ process modifies and enhances the default characteristics of a PPP connection.

29. The ITU-T was formerly known as the ____________________________________________________________, which is the primary international organization for fostering cooperative standards for telecommunications equipment and systems.

30. In...

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