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Chapter 1 Homework Essay

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1-5 Homework Assignment
Page 26, 27-28

2. Describe the life-cycle of a project in terms of (1) the degree of project completion; (2) required effort
In terms of project completion most projects begin slowly during preliminary and detailed planning. The project then speeds up during execution but usually slows again towards the end. This is called an s-shaped life-cycle. According to Meredith & Mantel (2012) this “stretched-S” pattern for the most part “is a result of the changing levels of resources used during the successive stages of the life-cycle” (p. 18). There are exceptions to this pattern; however a majority of projects follow the s-shape. Other projects may have stair-step ...view middle of the document...

If the project is not important it may not be recognized or supported from upper management or it might be assigned to someone already overloaded with work or of low rank (Meredith & Mantel, 2012, p. 11).
Scope defines the work that needs to be accomplished to deliver the desired end result and outlines the required features and functions. Meredith & Mantel (2012) states that project scope “can be divided into subtasks that must be accomplished in order to achieve the project goals” (p. 11). Projects
Life-cycle requires that the project has a beginning and an end, or a due date. The project may not go on forever. Each project begins in a start-up phase where a project manager is selected and the resources and project team are determined. The team starts by conceptualizing its solution, the team selects the idea it thinks will work best, then the team begins to plan, schedule, and monitor the project. The project team must take into consideration scope, time and cost during the life-cycle (Meredith & Mantel, 2012, p. 17-19).
Most projects are interdependent on other projects being carried out simultaneously or in competition for resources. Meredith & Mantel (2012) says that while “inter-project interactions are common, projects always interact with the parent organization’s standard, ongoing operations” (p. 11). Although most of the departments within the parent operation interact with each other regularly for the intent of the project certain departments may o0nly be needed for certain steps and not the entire length of the project. Meredith & Mantel (2012) reminds us that “the PM must keep all these interactions clear and maintain appropriate interrelationships with all external groups” (p. 11).
Each project is unique to the organization undertaking it. Another solution to the project may have been determined or executed by someone else, however this is the first time that this company has chosen to do it. No two projects are precisely alike; there is always some degree of customization or change. According to Meredith & Mantel (2012) “this characteristic means that projects, by their nature, cannot completely reduce to routine” (p. 12).
A resource simply means that the project needs to be cautious of its budget and personnel limitations. There are limitations to budget and personnel in every project and the PM needs to be mindful of these restrictions.
Every project will contain conflict. According to Meredith & Mantel (2012) “the four parties-at-interest or “stakeholders” (client, parent organization, project team, and the public) in any project define success and failure in different ways” (p. 13). The purpose of a project is often to implement change or increase profit, which will always have conflicting opinions.

5. Name and briefly describe the three primary goals of a project.
A project is driven by the “triple constraint.” Meredith & Mantel (2012) states “the three prime objectives of...

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