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Chapter 1 Even
1. Define business profiles, processes, and modeling.
a. Business profile is an overview of a company’s mission, functions, organization, products, services, customers, suppliers, competitors, constraints, and future direction.
b. Business processes is a specific set of transactions, events, and results that can be described and documented.
c. Modeling is a standard based language used by analysts. It includes various shapes and symbols to represent events, processes and workflows.
2. Explain the difference between vertical and horizontal systems packages.
d. A horizontal system is a basic software package system that can be adapted to ...view middle of the document...

l. Systems analysis - begins with requirements modeling where business processes are described and defined, goes on to data modeling, process modeling, and object modeling to develop a logical model of business processes the system must support, and ends with a system requirements document that describes management and user requirements, alternative plans and costs, and recommendations.
m. Systems design - involves identifying all necessary outputs, inputs, interfaces, and processes; designing internal and external controls, including computer-based and manual features to guarantee that the system will be reliable, accurate, maintainable, and secure. Ends with a systems design specification that is presented to management and users for their review and approval.
n. Systems implementation - programs are written, tested, and documented and the system is installed and ready for use. This phase also involves a systems evaluation to determine whether the system operates properly and if costs and benefits are within expectations.
o. Systems operation and support - involves maintenance to correct errors and adapt to changes in the environment, such as new loan rates. Also involves enhancements to provide new features and benefits.
5. What is object-oriented analysis and how does it differ from structured analysis?
p. Object-oriented analysis models real-world data, processes, and operations to produce a set of software objects that represent actual people, things, transactions, and events. It differs from structured analysis in that it combines data and the processes that act on the data into objects while the latter regards processes and data as separate components.

Chapter 2: Odd
1. What is a goal? What is an objective? How are they...

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