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Chapter 1 3 Essay

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Hemmed by breathtaking panoramic vistas of the Sierra Madre mountain ranges is a dynamic lifestyle hub where natural indulges fuse with urban convinces.
Timberland Sports and Nature Club is a first-rate private membership club that offers a wide range of activities and amenities for the entire family. It is just a 15-minute drive from the BatasanPambansa in Quezon City. The club is situated within the master planned Timberland Heights, a vast 677-hectare resort town development of Filinvest Land in San Mateo, Rizal.
The 9-hectare sports and recreational development has an elevation of 345 meters above sea level, affording a fabulous view of Manila Bay, ...view middle of the document...

To operate and maintain the fundamental systems in a coordinated manner. 
D. Problem Statement
The common problems are the following
* Difficult to handle data accurately and security because of the data lost, viewing by unauthorized people, can’t collect the data at the time.

* Storage problems(Update, Search, Delete, Edit), these types of methods are not accessible and not carry with the manual method

* Unable to analyze past data Security wise is not guarantee to all information and data’s.
E. User’s Characteristics
1. Physical Characteristics
a. AGE
Users should be at 18 and above.

b. SEX
There is no anticipated gender-bias all kind of people are allowed.
2. Knowledge and Experience
a. Education Level
User’s represent all education levels except 18 below, although have not graduated but can pay 100php per month.
b. Native Language
The majority of user’s native languages is expected to be English.
Secondary language should be incorporated most likely Tagalog.
F. Product Feature
The system has been created to facilitate and accelerate the work be registered or to reserve.Offers cutting edge features for both accommodation providers and potentials guest at a competitive price. To make a confirmed booking (and pay a deposit) is only a single click away.
G. Scope and Limitations
Scope: The scope of this study is concentrating on the transaction on registration or scheduling a reservation. The Timberland sports and nature club has an only one staff that working one to four processes or system.
The application areas on this system are:
* Registration System
* Record Management System
* Scheduling System
* Billing System

Limitations: It limits the level of accessible for different users to log in with the required password. This may ensure the data is reliable without a large space to keep all the data.

H. Manner of Demonstration
First, we have a meeting and discuss about what will be our preferred company. And we went to that company we chosen and conduct an interview and we observe that the system they using is manually to keep their records in registration an appointment or reservation. Storing data into record books is wasting lots of time and energy. Our group decided to propose a "Timberland Appointment System” to meet the needs of the timberland sport and nature club. We ask some of our friends to help us out in making our system to work accurately as possible. We also search some information which is related to our system. To access the software, the user/administration provides username and password for users by having a privilege access to the software. The software can be easily operated by the user. It helps the users (includes administrators) to generate and manipulate the records or data.

II. Program Language / Database Manager System
Visual Basic 2010 Express
Build custom applications in Visual Basic, a fast and easy way to create .NET Framework-based...

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