Chaos And Misery Essay

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5. Chaos
i) Kenya's transportation system was in chaos on Friday as thousands of travellers during the holiday season attempted to hit the roads before an imminent (minibus) strike.
The matatus for a majority of Kenyans are the only form of public transportation in the country's cities and regions.
The strike, announced on Wednesday, seeks to combat greater regulation as well as demand higher fares.
This strike comes in the middle of Kenya's travelling season, where most people moving between large cities and villages for family gatherings.
The sudden burst of activity created greater demand and travellers complaining that drivers increasing fares by 50%.
ii) A UN staffer came into a ...view middle of the document...

heavy falls occurring in eastern Scotland.Motorists were warned of hazardous driving conditions as many people headed home after the long Christmas break.Lancashire Police said a male passenger in a Citroen car died in a crash on the westbound section of the M55 near Blackpool at around 8am on Saturday.
Motor fire misery for dad who relies on car
A SHEFFIELD dad given a courtesy car so he could get to work after being involved in a crash has been left stranded - after yobs torched the replacement vehicle. The dad-of-two from Eastern Drive, Arbourthorne, and works at a factory near Kiveton Park which his wife says is difficult to reach by public transport.
They were left "shocked, nervous and angry" following the arson attack.

Woken by neighbours at New Year's Eve night when the new Volkswagen Touran people carrier they had been lent was spotted in flames.

The pair has already lost a vehicle to arsonists after leaving a car overnight in Sheffield city centre three years ago - and returning the next day to find it was a charred shell.

ii) Mortgage misery goes on for first-time buyers
Despite the fact they are in a better position due to falling house prices and lower mortgage rates.

First-time buyers continue struggling...

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