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Communication Channels
Master in Business Administration (MBA.)

Why communication channels are important
Every communication is very important and it has different channels. In the communication process “we” have to understand the channel to use, if a person wants to send a message (the sender), that person has to be aware to have the right encoded message so the receiver will easily decode it and get the right meaning of it.
In an organizational communication channel we, have to understand the direction of the message (downward, upward and, lateral communication) so we can provide the appropriate feedback to the sender. When we refer to communication channels the ...view middle of the document...

Of operations and refrain any information to avoid rumors and gossip from other employees and as a conclusion I will keep an open door to any questions, ideas or suggestions regarding this new challenge.
The communication channel I will use to communicate business strategy to the VP. Of operations will be an electronic communication (e-mail) that will explain the plan in detail, followed by a phone call that will ask him for additional ideas or approval.
Because our corporate office is out of town this is the best channel of communication with the VP. Of operations.

Communication Channels Scenario number two
The first communication channel will be a written formal (Memo) telling all the employees not to use the company computer application until further notice because IT is working to fix the problem.
I think this is the best communication channel because employees do not have access to computers. After the problem get fixed by IT. I will post another memorandum letting the employees know about the change and also asking them to send me an e-mail letting me know their access is working now.
Asking the employees for a network communication is the best way to make me...

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