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Changing The Oil On A Push Mower

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Changing the Oil on a Push Mower

It is relatively easy to change the oil in your push mower. For the example a Troy Built, Briggs and Stratton engine was used. Not all lawn mowers are the same, but most of the procedures are the same. Always consult the owner’s manual for your mower. Most manufactures recommended that you change the oil after 50 hours of use or annually.
First you need to gather a few supplies. You will need newspaper, a shop towel or rag to wipe up any excess oil, a funnel, an oil drain pan or some type of container to hold the used oil, and a container like a plastic milk jug for temporary storage of the used oil for disposal. You will also need 18 ounces of small engine oil. SAE 30 oil or a synthetic 5w 30 4-cycle small engine Oil is recommended, and is available at almost all home improvement ...view middle of the document...

Wipe around the oil filler cap with a clean cloth or paper towel to remove the dirt and grime that has likely collected there. The oil filler is located on top of the shroud. There will be a dipstick attached to it.
Place you drain pan under the oil filler cap before removing the cap. Always tip the push mower towards the direction of the dipstick tube or drain hole. If you tip it the other way, you will allow the oil and particles to enter areas of the engine where damage to the engine can be done. Rest the mower handle in such a way that the drain hole is leaning towards the oil drain pan. The oil will then flow into your pan. Let it continue to drain until the dripping stops - approximately 10 minutes or so. Once the flow of the oil has stopped, set the mower upright on a level surface. Wipe away any drips on the engine and the mower deck with a shop towel or rag.
Insert the funnel into the oil filler tube. Use the recommended SAE 30 oil or synthetic 5w 30 oil for the engine. Start slowly adding the oil to the engine. Stop periodically and insert the dip stick to check the oil level. Continue to add oil until the dip stick reads just below full. DO NOT overfill. Give it time for the relatively viscous oil to find its way into the crankcase. It may be helpful to tip the mower back and forth will help facilitate the process.
Remove the funnel and replace the filler cap. Wipe up any additional drips.
Replace the spark plug wire. Then, start and run the engine for a couple of minutes. Wait a few minutes, then remove the dip stick, wipe it off with your cloth, and recheck the oil level. Add oil as needed until it reads full on the dip stick.
Transfer the used oil from your drain pan to the storage container. Always dispose of it in an environmentally safe manner. Most gas stations that perform oil changes will accept used oil for proper disposal for a small fee.

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