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Changing Our World Essay

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Changing Our World
Dawn Glover

I was always aware of the fight for equality among women and men but I was never aware of the amount of strategic planning and combined effort that this battle took to win. Foolishly, I viewed the battle simply as one gender against the other, blind to the variety of what was deemed important to the different types and classes of women. The story of women’s liberation is proof that good communication is the key ingredient to solving differences. I was very impressed with the amount of combined effort and corporation it took to put together the Boston Women’s Health Book Collective. I always viewed the fight for women’s liberation as a slow process, never viewing it in the different stages that now seem so obvious.

In my opinion the first wave of women had the hardest battle to conquer. Although ...view middle of the document...

Today’s working women tend to have more medical problems including stress, hair loss, and depression compared to women prior to the feminist act. I do not believe this is due to the accomplishments of women’s fight for equality but rather due to the difficulties people must face in this century. Times have changed, peoples wants have changed, and life has become a lot more complicated than it was thirty or so years ago. The price of living has sky rocketed, households that owned one car now have two or three, households had a party line now they have a phone bill, cable bill and a cell phone bill; both men and women are having difficulties handling the pressures of this century. I know plenty of women that may dread going to work however what they dread more is the thought of having to ask their husbands for money every time they need something. It is impossible to compare the thoughts of a wife living in the 1800’s to the thoughts of today’s wife because neither has lived in the other’s shoes to make an accurate comparison. I am positive that some women may prefer to go back to a time when a woman’s only job was to take care of the family but there are many more women that prefer their independence.

Women are faced with the pressure of wanted to get married but I believe most of that pressure is due to society. We are a society that is still trying to escape patriarchy beliefs. There are many single women content with their lives but because society has drilled in their brains that if a woman does not get married she becomes a spinster that surrounds herself with cats, they have an embedded sense that they are missing something. Women have come a long way in their fight for equality and to most it seems as if the fight has been won. However, the amount of lawsuits that are being filed and won against gender discrimination is proof that the battle continues.

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