Changes Of Bilbo Baggins Essay

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Changes Of Bilbo Baggins
Since its first publication in 1937, The Hobbit has been rendered into more than a dozen film adaptations. Each of these films portrays a new perspective to the original work with variations big and small. Essentially, the movie versions can be seen as interpretations of Tolkien’s text since visual media cannot fully convey the events and character entirely. Once put on a screen, the plot must be shortened to fit the running time, character simplified and made symbolic. A case in hand is the 2012 movie edition directed by Peter Jackson. The main difference between the film and the text is that the movie focuses more, maybe too much on the character Bilbo Baggins. ...view middle of the document...

Bilbo looked like any other ordinary hobbit you might see, he was between 3 feet and 3 feet 6 inches. Bilbo’s clothing was of green velvet breeches, red or yellow waistcoat with brass buttons, brown or green jacket, dark green hood and cloak, and a Mithril shirt. There are many differences between Tolkien’s The Hobbit and Jackson’s Hobbit including Bilbo’s physical features.
Some differences between Bilbo’s appearances were in the book Bilbo has a fat stomach and long clever brown finger but it The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey he doesn’t appear to at all. Bilbo is announced that he is more than fifty years old in the book but in the movie Martine Freeman, who portrays Bilbo, doesn’t appear to be fifty at all. These are just a few small psychical appearances that are different from the book and the movie.
There was a great deal of inadequate differences between Bilbo’s actions in the book and his actions in the movie. Here are numerous occasions that Bilbo’s actions differ from the book; In the text, Bilbo sees a group of...

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