Changes In Approach To Mental Health/Illness Within Australia

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1. Provide an outline of the changes in approach to mental health/illness within Australia from the 1970’s to the 1990’s. You will need to include at least three (3) government enquiries/investigations which have helped shape government direction in the provision of mental health services.
A Federal Government Inquiry released in the same year as the 1955 State Grants (Mental Institutions) Act provided large amounts money to institutions for capital works, was damning of the ‘inadequate’ mental health system, highlighting low standards of care, abuse and overcrowding (Stoller, 1955).
As a result of this, there was a wider general interest in mental health. In what could be the ...view middle of the document...

It highlighted that there was little assistance for carers and that any savings from the de-institutionalisation were not being passed on to the non-government agencies which had now increased there responsibility for the care of people with mental illnesses
The Federal Government, in conjunction with the States, announced the National Mental Health Strategy, which included the National Mental Health Policy and National Mental Health Plan. These policies described a commitment to deinstitutionalisation and to the principles of mainstreaming and integration, where mental health services become part of general hospitals and health services.
It also promoted the mental health of the Australian community by preventing, where possible, the development of mental disorders. Reducing the impact of mental disorders on individuals, families and the community and assuring the rights of people with mental illness.
In 2006 the NSW government introduced a five year plan to provide better access to community services and therefore provide early intervention plans to avoid periods of hospitalisation....

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