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Change: 'taming Of The Shrew' By Shakespeare,'what's Eating Gilbert Grape' Directed By Lasse Hollstrom And 'window' By Jeannie Baker

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It is change, continuing change, inevitable change that dominates society.Through detailed analysis of ‘Window’, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and “The Taming of the Shrew”, the responder experiences a journey in understanding change; its causes and effects.“The Taming of the Shrew” demonstrates how change can alter our lives permanently as we attempt to better ourselves and others.Jeannie Baker’s ‘Window’ is a picture book depicting the accelerating industrialisation of land releases through each window driving families towards the outer city as they search for the perfect home.Lasse Hollstrom’s film; What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, ...view middle of the document...

With the death of his mother at the end, the Grape family agree to burn down their home to prevent further embarrassment to her when a crane is needed to remove her body. Gilbert seizes the reins of the family and promotes this decision citing; “I’m not gonna to let her be a joke”.Katherina desires to be genuinely loved and lashes out at anyone who tries to change or exploit her. Petruchio siphons her spirit and determination to ‘break’ her. His most productive strategy is as the servant reveals; ‘He kills her in her own humour’, in which he elucidates the detriment of a shrew’s temper, yearning for her to become more patient and affectionate. In conjunction with being deprived of rest, food and resolve, Petruchio maintains his excessively enthusiastic desire for her and after an exhausting performance; Putruchio begins to see his progress when Kate finally accepts him. This is paramount because, for the first time, she is being loved for who she is.This text is set in a patriarchal society where Kate is the single beacon of defiance. But through the transition of ownership from her father to her husband, coupled with Petruchio manipulating her view and beliefs, she realises she...

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