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Change Strategy And Vision Essay

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Gene One has, thus far, had a very successful run in the short period of eight years. They have had major breakthroughs in the aspect of agriculture. Gene One’s, Teri Robertson CTO, has had a very good run with research in her fifteen years. Creating new varieties and most important, pesticide free crops because they were now disease free crops. They have also had major success in the speed and growth of typical crops. Gene One has many individuals within its company structure that are very headstrong. Gene One has gotten the approval for an IPO and want to head full force for it. Unfortunately, this is an all new theory for all of them as they knew the general course of action but need a ...view middle of the document...

With this new culture the organization as a whole will know the beliefs, ethics and principles it opens its doors by every day. There will be a sense of emotional and mutual support, knowing the work ethics within the single teams, with the implication of teams within Gene One. These aspects of organizational change will bring about many positive changes not only in the research but in the outlook of the company.

One of the most important factors that need to be implemented as well would be that of the assessment and restructuring of the organizational culture. The organizational culture is a very important aspect of not only the organization itself but the future change as well. Organizational Behavior tells us that organizational “culture facilitates the generation of commitment to something larger than one’s individual self-interest” (pg.). An organizational culture that is not proactively shared amongst all teams and employees will hinder the outcomes of the organization as a whole. The pre-existing culture already in place will need to be reassessed and restructure with Gene One about to venture into very unfamiliar territory. This will help to keep all current employees in line with the changes to come and the positive outlook as well as future employees.

I feel as if participative leadership will yield the most prolific results in Gene One. A participative leader will be able to sit with his team and collaborating how they will be able to reach shared goals. This type of leadership allows for everyone to feel that they are a much bigger part of the organization as a whole. Using this collaborative style as well will get more of the positives and negatives of an action or upcoming goal into the light, whereas these might have gone unnoticed previously. This type of leadership also allows the leader to see the potential of future leaders in their team.

If Gene One sets a vision in place with the end not far from everyone’s sight they will be able to have a much more positive outlook from the organization as if it ran as one single unit. The biggest aspect of the vision statement would be that the organization should continue with the outlook of continuing to contribute to society. With the already known achievements of Gene One it is not a far stretch to see in our vision to possibly help solve hunger in third world countries. There will be proper training of everyone so that everyone can envision the changes and see the ultimate positive in the change. An implementation plan should be a part of the vision as well. By structuring and sharing the three year plan with everyone it allows for the overall vision of cause and effect of the change. The timeline of the plan will allow for everyone to...

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