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Change Proposal Essay

1110 words - 5 pages

Change Proposal
Felicia Lattimore
HRM 310
June 15, 2015
Christian Forscutt

Change Proposal
Kudler Fine Foods is an upscale specialty foods store located in the San Diego metropolitan area. Kudler Fine Food’s has different departments within that can use some kind of a change at some point. Like many businesses, Kudler must adapt to the changing needs of the market and the organization itself. This report will cover a proposal for a much needed change in the sales department of Kudler’s Find Foods. The reason for this communication is to gain approval from higher management to gain the ability for the program in the sales department. This report will also cover some important ...view middle of the document...

Tracking this information will allow Kudler to better assist its customers and offer products and deals that are best matched to its customer’s needs. Being a specialty store, the Kudler customer is most concerned with the quality of the product and its uniqueness and availability in the local market. To match the tastes of its customers, Kudler’s loyalty program offers its customers with rewards such as high end gift items, airline first-class upgrades, or other specialty foods (University of Phoenix, 2011). In order to adapt to this new incentive program, the sales department at Kudler is going to need change. The sales department must add another program to the repertoire of sales at Kudler Fine Foods. Pushing the loyalty program needs to integrate itself into the everyday sales message. In order for the program to become successful and achieve its goal of increasing revenue, the sales department needs to be on board with the changes. There is a need for increased training surrounding the loyalty program and its benefits and offers. A bonus program for employees that garner participation by customers in the loyalty program is also a tool that can assist in implementing the change.

Four Dimension of Change Management/Project Management Approach
There are four dimensions of change that leaders must consider when implementing a successful transition or change. Strategy, resources, systems, culture and their interrelated components makeup the key elements of change management as it relates to using the project management approach. Linking the dimensions for change and the project management approach allow the organization to proceed in a systematic and organized manner that ensures performance goals and objectives are met (Leban & Stone, 2008). Assessment of the needs of Kudler Fine Foods reveals a need for increased training in the sales division regarding the loyalty program. The new way of operating in the sales department leads to learning about what the new organizational objectives really are and what they will demand as far as attitudes, behaviors, and skills. This learning process and interaction between dimensions of change eventually align the organization's culture and strategy (Leban & Stone, 2008). The project management approach slows control over the development of the changes and adds flexibility for the plan to evolve as the organization...

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