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Change Part I
I will exercise three days a week for a minimum of thirty minutes. To some this may seem like a very simple change that would take little effort. Time is a very important and scarce commodity at this stage in my life, so as small as it may be it is a substantial change for me. Exercising regularly will help to improve stress, sleep, and my overall health.
“There is a continuum of meanings underlying statements of intended changes…from consideration, through aspiration, to a commitment” (Overton, McCalister, Kelly, & Macvicar, 1999). Implementing this change for me is not only important for the benefits of exercise but for me have a small look into the change ...view middle of the document...

I have decided that I need to implement this change for my own self-esteem and to set a good example for my children. One other motivating factor is the hope to work as a flight nurse one day. I will have to maintain my weight much better to accomplish this goal and exercise will be a large part of doing this.
My plan to implement this change was to walk for thirty minutes three days a week. I knew I needed to find time in my schedule and leave room for the unexpected. I blocked out four times during the week to walk. I found my least busy days and planned on walking after dinner.
Implementation of my plan was not as easy as I thought it may be. I went for a walk first by myself after dinner. I found this boring and it starting getting dark earlier than I thought it would. Then I went for a walk with my family, I found myself enjoying it more but was at a much slower pace. Then I went for a two hour hike with my family, this I enjoyed and felt like it was beneficial exercise. My barriers have become more evident this week. I know that I will have to contend with the cold, the dark, my family and boredom. With this in mind I have decided I need to vary my exercise choices. If I am bored I will not continue with this change and with winter arriving soon I will need some indoor options as well. I also noticed that if I knew I was going to exercise after dinner I prepared better foods and ate less.
I have improved my plan by preparing a list of activities that I can do with my family, indoors, outdoors, and at a gym. I have also bought a video game exercise program to try with my kids. This way I can portray to them the importance of exercise and make it fun at the same time.
After this change I realize that I cannot expect my patients to implement changes without some hesitation and barriers. Change is not easy no matter how simple the change in itself may appear. I will have to allow for my patients to struggle and realize what may or may not work for them as an individual. I can then help them reevaluate and implement changes as needed. A large part of this is going to be encouragement and reinforcement of motivating factors.
Implementing this change has broadened my outlook on the teaching of patients. I know now that when preparing for a change I need to go through the scenario and look for any possible barriers and address them from the beginning. I also need to look for alternate methods or approaches. An effective method for one may not work for another. One other important teaching idea is to continually reinforce motivating factors; they can be forgotten easily.
Change Part II
Week one of my change helped me see the importance of varying my routine to avoid boredom and to enjoy the change.
Week two I realized that I needed to find something to make exercising more enjoyable. I wish I was one of the people that love to exercise but to me it is just a chore.
Week three I found a...

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