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Change Managment Plan Essay

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Change management plan
Organizations are set up in specific ways to accomplish goals, and the structure of the organization can help or hinder its progress toward accomplishing these goals. The ACME Grocery is a functional organization with the store manager and other department heads. Currently the company is experiencing low profit growth, low morale, communication problems between department heads, and the use of coercive power. Because of the power struggle between the store manager and department heads employee behavior has declined and has shown a high turnover, low productivity, poor customer service, and an absence of trust within the organization. For these reason the company has ...view middle of the document...

Characteristics of company culture
The company’s culture management encourages innovating and risk taking. Decisions based on intuition are valued as much as those that are well rationalized. There are few rules and regulations for employees to follow, supervision is loose, because management believes that employees intrinsically want to do a good job are hardworking and trustworthy. Failures are treated as learning experiences. Job activities are designed around work teams and team members are encouraged to interact with people across functions and authority levels. Individuals and teams have goals and bonuses based on achievement of these outcomes. Employees given autonomy in choosing the means by which the goals are attained.
According to Maslow and Herzberg’s theory the culture of the organization should appeal to the employee it satisfies the upper levels of Maslow theory of intrinsic fulfilment and Herzberg theory of job satisfaction. Employees are motivated to work and display the (LMX) theory of high exchange relationships mutual dependence and commitment to the mission.
Sources of resistance to change
It is difficult for organization to...

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