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Change Management Report

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1. INTRODUCTION..............................................................................................3
2. LITERATURE REVIEW..................................................................................4
3.1 Drivers of Change............................................................................................4
3.2 Meta Change Model........................................................................................5
3.3 Total Quality Management Principles.............................................................6
3. CASE ...view middle of the document...

According to the case, there are several forces currently influencing the organisation to change, including innovation pipeline, TQM system, quality control, organisational structures, leadership status, and HR administration and entering then new market - Japan.

In the second section, a list of drivers of change and continuous transformation model will be outlined firstly. Next, the principles of the selected changing tool – TQM will be explained in detail. In the case analysis section, the main focus will be divided into two parts which are TQM and approaches to change and potential difficulties. In the final section, a series of recommendations will be provided.



In an international customer-driven environment, competitive advantage depends on an organisation’s ability to concentrate on its unique skills and capabilities, and build on and exploit these in a framework and culture of continuous improvement and innovation. (Graetz, Rimmer, Lawrence & Smith 2002, P16)

I. Opportunity

The major force to change is that Mr. Stuart recognised the new market opportunity for expansion and increase company revenues by selling the product around the world. For instance, Mr. Stuart Young decided to target a new market – Japan as the new exporting market because Japan has economic growth and political stability. Through operating in the global marketplace, Interlock can obtain more profits and benefits such as the company products can often fetch prices higher than in other export markets.

II. Innovation

The second force to change is innovation occupies a higher rank than quality in the mind of customers especially in the Japanese market. To illustrate, Mr. Stuart is emphatic that it is innovation, not quality that has made Interlock industries so successful in Japan and thus, Japan Interlock manufacturer are highly desperate in innovation. This phenomenon was caused by the daily change in fashion so customers want the new and fashion products more than the best quality products. So, Mr. Stuart realized that it is an excellent example to make change.

III. Quality

Another influencing force to change is the level of quality. For example, Mr. Stuart recognized the major drains on business is the cost of poor quality and it has driven Interlock to adopt a policy of eliminating if faults in the company’s system. Therefore, Mr. Stuart believed Interlock could learn the advantages of Japan’s best system – achieve a zero defect rate.


Sustainable change is reliant on a company’s the ability to appreciate its strategies and the factors in different situations. (Burnes 2000, P251) Therefore, every company requires a framework or model to make change. Looking at the case, Interlock was using the continuous transformation model for staying ahead of its rivals.


Processes for fine tuning
Product development

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