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Change Management Plan Essay

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Change Management Plan

Prepared by: Donnell Brown

Date: 4/12/14

Table of Contents

1. Introduction 1
1.1 Purpose 1
1.2 Change Management Planning 1
1.3 Principles of Change Management 1
1.4 Translating Change Management Principles into a Structured Approach 2
1.5 References 2
1.5.1 External References 2

1.5.2 Project Centralized Repository Document 3

1.6 Glossary and Acronyms 3
1.7 Document Maintenance 3
2. Change Management Participants Roles and Responsibilities 3
2.1 Change Manager 3
2.2 Lead Change Evaluator 4
2.3 Change Management Team Members 4
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Without this attention to detail, the results can lead to lack of acceptance of business process changes and poor end user performance.

2 Change Management Planning

Change management planning encompasses all the activities an organization needs to successfully accept and adopt new business models, strategies and the new technologies for supporting them. Understanding and effectively implementing change allows transformation of strategy, business process, technology, and people into achieving performance and enhancing continual improvement in a dynamically changing environment. A structured approach to change management is critical for any project which brings about significant change.

3 Principles of Change Management

A principled approach to communicating and implementing change fosters openness and trust which ultimately improves the project’s chances of success. Key underlying change management principles are:

• Committed project sponsorship – change management objectives have the support and resources of key decision makers within the organization.

• Effective project planning – planning is structured and methodical and all plans are agreed to with regard to change management objectives, roles, and resources.

• Measurable objectives – change management objectives are realistic and measurable and progress toward their achievement is shared with all major stakeholders.

• Engaged stakeholders – project stakeholders are encouraged to openly participate in dialogue, with mutual respect, regarding changes and their impacts.

• Resources and support – change management implementers and recipients receive the resources and support throughout the change process.

4 Translating Change Management Principles into a Structured Approach

There are a number of elements when understood and adopted that can help communicate and gain acceptance of the need for complete and timely change. These elements are:

• Identify changes that will impact the organization and who will be impacted as a result of a project’s implementation. Explain why they are important and when they need to happen.

• Garner support by bringing together EIEIO project and program decision makers, resource owners and stakeholders who will be impacted by change(s.) Ensure that changes and their impacts are properly understood by all and that there is a comprehensive marketing plan to address stakeholder concerns.

• Put change management goals in specific and defined terms for achieving desired outcomes.

• Name individuals to specific activities and tasks, in specific and defined terms, making them responsible for change management goals and desired outcomes.

• Facilitate action by removing obstacles and listening for constructive feedback, recognizing and rewarding success. Build the structure and staff with the right skills to affect the change.

• Identify and...

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