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Change Management Models Essay

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Organizations are increasingly in a business environment that is characterized by rapid change and increasing performance demands. As a result, organizations face the challenge of accomplishing two, often conflicting objectives: performing well and changing in order to adapt to their business environment. In most cases, the changes they make must be quick, skillfully executed and clearly targeted at implementing an effective business strategy. Change that occurs every few years as part of a special change effort is no longer adequate. It too often is late and disruptive. Change needs to be constant and rapid in order to allow organizations to move at the speed of business. The ...view middle of the document...

The way you go about managing a process of change is an important as the model you choose to guide the process and understand reactions.
If you are considering leading change your ability to communicate effectively and encourage people to accept changes is vital. You need to model positive attitudes towards change and reassure others. Learning how to go about change management is important. But it is even more important to be aware of your attitudes towards others and your attitude towards change.
Understanding your feelings and how these affect your reactions, and learning to manage these, gives you and others confidence in your ability as a leader of change.
What I have found is that other personal skills are important to the change management process, skills such as emotional intelligence, active listening and effective communication. These are some of the basic competencies that we need to lead change, and to cope with change in our own lives.

Central to the change management process in organizations is recognizing when change is needed. Further steps could include: deciding who need the changes (whole organization or one department), selecting a model or framework to guide the process, deciding who is responsible for implementing the changes and knowing your desire outcome.
Change Management Models
Force field analysis-Kurt Lewin
Kurt Lewin wrote “An issue is held in balance by the interaction of two opposing sets of forces-those seeking to promote change (driving forces) and those attempting to maintain the status quo (restraining forces).” Before change to happen the status quo, or equilibrium must be upset-either by adding conditions favorable to the change or by reducing resisting forces.
What Kurt Lewin proposes is that whenever driving forces are stronger than restraining forces, the status quo or equilibrium will change. Lewin’s force field analysis is used to distinguish which factors within situation or organization drive a person towards or away a desired state, and which oppose the driving forces. These can be analyzed in order to inform decisions that will make change more acceptable.
Forces are more that attitudes to change. Kurt Lewin was aware that there is a lot of emotion underlying people’s attitude to change. To understand what makes people resist or accept change we need to understand the values and experiences of that person or group.

Developing self awareness and emotional intelligence can help to understand these forces that work within us and others. It’s the behavior of others that will alert you to the presence of driving and restraining forces at work.
Kubler-Ross Five Stage Model
The five stages of grief Kubler-Ross wrote about are:
1) Denial: is usually a temporary defense that gives us time to absorb news of change before moving on the other stages. It is the initial stage; we don’t want to believe that the change is happening.
2) Anger: when we realize that that change is real and...

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