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Riordan Manufacturing has two different types of power structures. The first power structure is the formal power structure. This structure is clearly seen through the organizational chart. The chart shows legitimate power from the CEO down. The informal power is also seen through the organizational chart, and it is expert power. This divides the departments into groups that let that group show the strengths they are good at. These structures will influence employee behavior because they will have to work between departments and with others to achieve the task they have or goals they are trying to reach.
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People that do not accept change well may do so for many reasons; fear, comfort, security, or even lack of trust in management. Whatever the reason may be, it is management’s intention to identify the problem and create a course of action to handle such resistant.
Throughout the next year, it is recommended that an open door policy be implemented to help employees transition through the changes. By allowing open communication, employees can offer their feedback and criticism or support. Through this direction, the employees can feel as if their voice is valued, therefore, making it easier to gather their support for the changes. 
The success will be measured by two main evaluations. By evaluating the increase in revenue we will know if our plan has been successful. If the revenue declines we will know the plan has failed or is showing signs of failure. The other evaluation will be from the employees. At this time, we will find out if the employees feel more valued, empowered and comfortable. These components will help us determine whether our revenue is decreasing because we still have work to do with the employees. Or allow us to see the success overcome by outstanding employees and customer service.
When communicating to the employees of the company, there are many different ways you can attack the situation. Employees do not take a change in a very positive manner because most have gotten accustomed to the way things are. As a manager, we will give notice to the employees of a meeting coming soon to discuss some new changes that are going to take effect soon. Managers are responsible to make sure every employee they are supervising receives the notice. In the notice, it will give a brief summary of what the meeting will detail and for the employees to prepare any question or concerns they might have. The meeting is a requirement for every employee to attend, and the managers will discuss of any new changes that will be happening. At the end, employees can have the option to ask questions and address any concerns. The reason for selecting these types of channels to communicate a change is because it is is believed to be the most effective manner. We are giving the employees two forms of communication of a change that will take effect. The first channel of communication is by giving the employee a notice of the upcoming meeting. The employees cannot say they never knew about it because the manager will have a record of who received a notice. The next channel is the official meeting, and it is a requirement for all employees of the company. When a company has a meeting, the managers involved are relaying any changes that are going to take effect and employees will have the option to speak out and address any issues they will have.
The potential barriers to the effective communication of the new changes would be...

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