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Many people ask themselves, what is change? From my understanding of change, I'd say it's the metamorphosis of natural things or the very essence of life. In today's society, a majority of people face change where it was forced, natural or inevitable.There are a variety of specific changes that an individual can experience in a lifetime such as physical, self, health, perspective and many more yet to be identified. Each change has its own unique effects and circumstances. It isn't always positive and can affect some people negatively.Our journey through life involves a series of changes, either major or minor. For instance, a minor change may involve an individual ...view middle of the document...

The value of exploring the significance of change lies in the acceptance that the effect it has upon our lives depends on our attitude. For instance, when you lose a loved one, it is obvious that you'll face the typical hardships and circumstances of grief. Although this is a pessimistic change, you have the potential to bring out the happiness the loved one has shared with you and determine the significance of change through accepting and dealing with it.Change can be found almost everywhere, this includes reality and even texts. Texts conveys the message of change using a number of techniques, these techniques may comprise of either linguistic or cinematic depending on the text format. The use of techniques allows the audience to acknowledge the change being depicted and shape the meaning of change.Famous texts based on change include "Sky High" and "Save the Last Dance". These texts depicts the hardships individuals face due to the circumstances of change, however in order to progress from these hardships, its just the matter of accepting change.Through understanding change and its effects on human society, we comprehend that it is the experience of these wild emotions that justifies our place on Earth, a life of happiness is in itself a legacy. Ongoing change in self, world and perspective is crucial to obtaining enlightenment and savoring the array of delights life has to offer. Change is the doorway through which we embark on our journeys of discovery.and change must be pursued and embraced, as it will always have a positive aspect towards it.

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