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Change Is Good Essay

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On that fateful friday, I experienced hurricane Charley, a category 4 storm. Most evacuated
without the slightest thought of staying for the mayhem that would unfold in the southern
Florida town of Fort Meyers. On the other hand, there were some people who think they are
tough and will stick it out. Others simply didn’t have the money to evacuate. Also, we have
people who stuck it out because they were told to do so by families, there is not much a 12
year old can do to make a hard headed family member change their mind. Which brings me
to my father, he was so pride stricken on sticking it out no one could tell him anything to
change his mind. My brother and i quickly realized ...view middle of the document...

I remember asking my dad at this point “why are we still here? your Siler0
crazy.” To which he replied “this is nothing, people are just blowing it out of proportion. just
relax.” Who knows what was going through his mind as well as many others who were staying
for this storm. Somehow, we managed to get most of what we needed- despite all the set
backs. All there was to do know was sit in our safest room witch was the restroom and wait it
About an hour or so had passed since getting back from the store, but the storm so far,
didn’t seem different than any other storm we usually had. My brother and I were thinking my
dad might have been right about the storm. To us, the wind seemed like probably nothing I
remember thinking thinking there is no way they could even move a trash can let alone cause
any kind of damages, to prove it we tried to sneak out the front door. Upon opening the door,
the wind gusted we almost immediately got knocked down. Needless to say, we ran right
back inside to get scolded by our father. By that time, the winds were over 75 miles per hour,
and random trash cans and trees were being tossed around dangerously In the wind. My
father assured us again staying was a good idea and we would be safe. My brother and I
barely believed him due to his overall body language and attitude. We knew our father well,
and at this point he was even sweating a little. Both my brother i had learned in school right
before the eye of the storm comes it gets quiet enough to hear a mouse, followed by a train
like noise thats when people know they are in trouble. At this point we were hovered over the
radio the winds had picked up to 100 plus miles per hour when an announcement came over
the radio. The emergency station told us the eye was close to town, but it was hard for a
exact accurate location due to it moving so fast. Without warning, everything became calm. I
was worried about my family’s safety as well as my own all we could do was cover ourself Siler0
with mattresses and hope for a good outcome. There it was the loud thundering sound of the
train, the worst noise I had ever heard. Sounds of the windows bursting in our home as well
as the worst sounds yet trees, glass ,and debris clanging and banging around everywhere
inside and outside. As fast as the eye came upon us, it had disappeared. gone. We still sat in
that room for what seemed like days. The winds were still gusting hard enough to knock down
a full-grown man. Finally after awhile, we heard the radio announcer tell us it was safe to...

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