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There are many ways that people are stereotyped such as belonging to certain race, nationality, and gender. Living in the world today you would think that people are Knowledgeable about certain issues and not stereotype others but the fact is that when one person or groups of people are stereotyped, that common perception never goes away unless people decide to change their implicit and explicit attitudes about that group. In today’s society, stereotype is now common than ever. I’d beg to differ that stereotype is based on the lack of education but I think that is based on people’s insecurities, ignorance and behavior patterns. It is easy to stereotype others ...view middle of the document...

I responded by asking them if the lived in North America, and most of their responses were do I look Canadian to you. I told them if they felt offended by that, then I have the right to be offended because there are different countries in Africa, as there is in North America.
I was able to avoid some questions throughout my lunch and other classes until the last class of the day. I felt like I was being interrogated in that class period. I was asked if I lived in a village and slept in a hut. They actually believed that the majority of people in Ghana lived in village. Their main reason was that, this was how African countries are portrayed in American commercials. I couldn’t help myself but laugh because I couldn’t believe how ignorant they were. I told them they don’t always have to agree with information given to them; they can always do their own research and make their own conclusion.
The most annoying stereotype my peers had about me during that class period was that I hunted lions when I was in Ghana and used their skin as clothing. I told them that I have never gone hunting and I’m sure I would get hurt if I hunted loins. They thought wild animals just roamed about among the...

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