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Change In Lfe Essay

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The worst or best type of change in your life is when you have to adjust somewhere new. It can be absolutely happy, or absolutely lousy.
When you enter a new environment, there are certain things that determine how nice your stay there will be. We're materialistic people, our first impression is what the face value of another has to offer.

Im a pretty plain person. A person like me doesnt know how to add things up, or look at things the way others would. Im simple in that im not concerned. Ive never cared about how I look or how I carry myself. I know my strenghts and ive lived by them since the beginning of time. Ive never really given looks a second thought. And the thing this adjustement does, is make you ...view middle of the document...

But I can live on without being concerned. I can live on without creating an impression. I dont care for it. I care for work. I care for capability and ability. I care for the non material things people have to offer.

That is where im different, because people now adays, they just cant do this. They cant bear looking average. Everyone wants to steal the lime light, to get glory, be hailed and admired. The shortcut is 'look good'.

If they dont have these looks, they create them! They'll pull off a nicely crafted attitude. And they'll work their arse off to get noticed. But is it worth it?

Ive seen girls dying to be noticed by that really hot guy in class. Ive seen them crying because someone didnt appreciate the effort they had put into looking good. Ive seen boys pulling off stunts and changing their looks so that the really hot girl at campus would give them a thought. Or maybe look at them. And frankly, that is pathetic.

Why would you want to change who you are, why would you try to be someone you're not? And for what? These days of glory? What about when they'll end?

People lose their identity in the process of becoming known. And they start loosing themselves too. And then one day when they've had their share and someone else comes on top, they've lost it. They've lost themselves completely.

Once you've lost yourself, you're no longer welcome. You cannot adjust anymore. You faked it to the extent that everything became a lie. Theres no truth to hold onto any longer. Would you then still give yourself up to adjust?

Be original. Be you. You have a place and you'll get to it in time. The place you couldnt make even if you faked your whole life.

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