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“Each day, almost 7,000 people are treated in emergency departments for using these drugs in a manner other than as directed,” it is due to number such as these that I chose to pursue a career in human services. Due to the fact that the number of fatalities is steadily increasing I chose to specifically work in this field as a case worker to aid those who are struggling with substance abuse. The article entitled Substanse Abuse trearment: An untapped opportunity for practitioners written by Tori DeAngelis addresses the issue of substance abuse treatment and the opportunities for development and improvement within the field. The author explores the idea of the benefits of increasing the amount of those psychologist and counslers who are willing to begin to treat those who are battling with substance abuse. The author speaks of the fact that there is a demand and a need for individuals who are willing to treat such patients and clients.
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This is due to the fact that substance abuse can be directly related to countless sucides, murders, and the transmission of HIV and other infectious diseases. Throughout the article the author speaks of ways that psychologist can inclue screening tactics to identify those who are in need of assistance with substance abuse. DeAngelis even suggested that psychologist can screen each patient for possible substance abuse problems. The author brings up the fact that many individuals who have are struggling with abuse tend to fall through the cracks and this is why such screening is critical to the treatment of patients. “Training in substance abuse opens up many other avenues for psychologists (DeANGELIS, 2001),” this is due in part to the fact that those who have this training are better suited at leading treatment clinics due to the fact that they have received more training when compared to regular addiction counselors. She even brings up the example of one individual who was addicted to cocaine for 12 years who now has his own publically funded treatment center for cocaine and herion addiction.
The author made numerous points in reference to the increase need for psychologist who are willing to treat patients who are dealing with substance abuse and addiction. By mentioning the fact that many feel they can not treat such patients as well as the fact that in certain rural area there is an extreme distrust in regards to those seeking mental help. The author specifically mentions the fact that “he need for effective substance abuse treatments is greater than ever (DeANGELIS, 2001).” This specific article was directed towards those psychologist who are specifically not dealing with those who are needing substance abuse treatment. This is made evident due to the fact that she makes constant references throughout the article in regards to the lack of those individuals willing to treat patients or clinets and the increase in demand that she references.

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