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Change Essay: Change Takes Many Paths And Is Not Necessarily A Good One. Discuss. (Texts Used: "The Color Purple", "Finding Forrester" (Film) And "Sky High")

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Change affects us all and many paths can be taken to achieve this. "Change is never easy but always worthwhile." This statement holds true to an extent. Firstly, change is caused by many stimuli, whether it is a self change, or change caused by a different factor. In addition, the process of change can be either an easy process, or a difficult process. As mentioned earlier, change can take many paths. So, depending on the situation, the degree of difficulty varies. Finally, change is worthwhile, to an extent. Although most change works out in the end due to adaption to the new environment, sometimes change does not totally work out in the end. The texts used to justify the points mentioned ...view middle of the document...

Silence, a sound technique used in the movie, helps portray the awkwardness when Jamal is in Forrester's home.In "Sky High", the narrator's change is caused by the passing of time. Compared to the other two texts analysed, Sky High takes a more natural path in relations to the cause of change. The narrator seems to talk nostalgically of her backyard. This is achieved through simple comparisons between the then, and now, "Today, however, it is bare." The frequent jumps between the past and present emphasise the fact that time has definitely passed.FF presents an example of a pretty easy change. In Jamal's point of view, the process of change he underwent can be somewhat described as an enjoyable one. His transformation into a more mature writer was simple. His visits to Forrester's apartment turns into expression sessions, where he writes to his heart's content. Jamal's mental change, however, is more complicated. Forrester encourages him to think harder, strengthening his mind. When Forrester says "not entirely a soup question," he teaches Jamal when to ask and when to hold curious urges.In Forrester's point of view, his process of change is slow and accelerates in the end. His adamance to walking out of the house caused him to be isolated with the outside world. Having met Jamal, he soon learns that there are caring people out there and begins to relax his boundaries.Sky High's example of change shows a more gradual change, similar to FF. Time is the medium change travels through and also, time is inevitable. In the short story, time has passed and the narrator reminisces the moments and events that occurred during the past. "It's an older; more age-warped washing line I reach up to now" is metaphorical to what the narrator is now, as she has aged in parallel to the washing line.On the contrary, TCP exhibits change which was very uneasy. Celie's change came through near savage beatings from her own husband, Albert. "He beats me because I'm not you," she tells Shug during the story. This shows that Albert is trying to force change on Celie, so she can replicate his model wife, Shug Avery. Although Albert did not ultimately achieve this, he ends up turning Celie into a low...

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