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Change Detection Essay

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Different Change Detection Techniques

Table of Contents

Digital Change Detection Process...............................4
Description of the most commonly used change detection methods.5
I. Post-Classification Comparison..........................5
II. Direct Classification...................................6
III. Principal Component Analysis (PCA)......................6
IV. Image Differencing......................................8
V. Change Vector Analysis (CVA)............................9

Relative accuracy of the most commonly used change detection ...view middle of the document...

When monitoring natural resources there are four basic aspects that are relevant; 1) Detecting that changes have occurred, 2) Identifying the nature of the change, 3) Measuring the areal extent of the change, 4) Assessing the spatial pattern of the change (Macleod and Congalton 1998) and by 1995 there were eleven different change detection techniques documented in the literature; 1) mono-temporal change delineation, 2) delta or post-classification comparison, 3) multidimensional temporal feature space analysis, 4) composite analysis, 5) image differencing, 6) image ratioing, 7) multitemporal linear data transformation, 8) change vector analysis, 9) image regression, 10) multitemporal biomass index, 11) background subtraction. The purpose of this paper is to outline the change detection process, discuss the five most common change detection techniques; post-classification comparison, direct classification, principal component analysis, image differencing, and change vector analysis (CVA) and discuss the literature on the relative accuracy of each method.
Digital Change Detection Process
Listed below are the general steps used to conduct digital change detection using remote sensing data (Ridd, M., and J. Hipple, 2006).
1. State the Change Detection Problem
a. Define the study area
b. Specify frequency of change detection (e.g. seasonal, yearly)
c. Identify classes from an appropriate land cover classification system
2. Consideration of Significance When Performing Change Detection
d. Remote Sensing System Considerations
i. Temporal resolution
ii. Spatial resolution
iii. Spectral resolution
iv. Radiometric resolution
e. Environmental Considerations
v. Atmospheric conditions
vi. Soil moisture conditions
vii. Phenological cycle characteristics
viii. Tidal stage
3. Image Processing of Remote Sensing Data to Extract Change Information
f. Acquire Appropriate Change Detection Data
ix. In situ and collateral data
x. Remotely sensed data
1. Base year (Time n)
2. Subsequent Year(s) (Time n-1 or n+1)
g. Preprocess the Multiple Date Remotely Sensed Data
xi. Geometric registration
xii. Radiometric correction (or normalization)
h. Select Appropriate Change Detection Algorithm
i. Apply Appropriate Image Classification Logic If Necessary
xiii. Supervised, unsupervised, hybrid
j. Perform Change Detection using GIS Algorithms
xiv. Highlight selected classes using change detection matrix
xv. Generate change map products
xvi. Compute change statistics
4. Quality Assurance and Control Program
k. Assess Statistical Accuracy of:
xvii. Individual date classifications
xviii. Change detection products
5. Distribute Results
l. Digital products
m. Analog...

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