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Change And Gows Away Essay

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Change is a process a transition that everyone experiences throughout his or her lifetime. The impact on individuals or groups can be both positive or negative, long or short, serious or superficial. A person grows within themselves and has a change in self when they embrace change and learn from it. Through studying the focus area ‘changing self’ it has becomes clear that change is much more beneficial if we view it in a positive way and accept it and learn from it. The texts that have effectively shaped my understanding of change are the play Away written by Michael Gow, the short story Sky-High by Hannah Roberts and the movie Remember the Titans.
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All of Gwen’s possessions are taken away from her and she is forced to move out of her comfort zone. After this storm we gradually see Gwen change. She learns of the suffering of others and realises how selfish she has been when she is told of the impending death of another character Tom and sees the positive attitude of his parents, enjoying life together whilst they can. The use of the play within a play, “The Stranger in the shore” at the end of the play helps readers understand that there has been a change in Gwen, this is evident in her enthusiasm, “the play was led 'thunderously by Gwen' compared to her sour disappointment with the production of Midsummer Night's Dream in the beginning 'very silly choice if you ask me' shows she has now become more appreciative of others rather than her materialistic possessions. Also the transition scene shows Gwen accepting the slippers, thus symbolising her acceptance of domesticity indicating that there has been a major change in her character. We see that a person grows within themselves and has a change in self when they embrace change and learn from it.

Another character in the play Away’, Coral, a middle aged principals wife also goes through significant changes. At the beginning of ‘Away’ Coral’s soliloquy shows her as a tragic figure who is lost and depressed. Her husband Roy lets the audience know that she is very distant from society, “You’ll have to take stock, come back to reality”, Coral replies “ I mightn’t like it there”. This shows she hasn’t come to terms with some type of loss, she is not communicating or living in the real world. In the middle of the play Coral is seen with Rick having intimate conversations in this scene we see Coral desperately trying to find her son within Rick, in their conversation Coral says “ You’d have made into the army easily…”, “You’re still alive. You’re still alive.” When Coral leaves to search for herself she ends up at a beach where another young man Tom is learning to cope with his impending death. It is here that we see a major change in Coral as she accepts the death of her son and learns to live again. Through the use of the play within a play, “The Stranger in the shore” at the end of the play helps readers understand that there has been a change, when she plays the character of a mermaid who cannot walk. In the play she learns to walk again, “ I’m...

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