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Change And Culture Case Study I

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Change and Culture Case Study 1
Deardra Woods
July 9, 2012
University of Phoenix – HCS 514
Professor Steven Bonell, MBA, MHA

Once North Broward Hospital purchased Florida Memorial Hosptial it was necessary to focus on the relationship between the employees once the two facilities were combined. The management of North Broward Hospital District and Florida Memorial Hospital identified several key areas that will be impacted during the merger. As a middle manager at North Broward Hospital District, my job is to ensure that the combined staff will work together without taking on a competitive stance. Taking into consideration the key areas that will be impacted in the ...view middle of the document...

Management has already identified that the current relationship between the two organizations has been competitive and adversarial in the past and the flow of communication in the new organization will likely be hindered. Allegiance to one manager or team member may be preferred versus working with another manger or team member. Two employees may now have identical job descriptions but one will have to move into a new or changed position to accommodate for changes in the new organization. Job analyses and classifications will have to be rewritten or new job positions added as well as a new hierarchy of order and management. Some current jobs within each of the hospitals will be absorbed into the new job analyses which will serve as a ‘master” for a family of jobs in each department” (Liebler & McConnell, 2008, p 199). Some employees may resent the changes in the new organization or having to transfer to a different job within the organization. Team work among the newly formed units could be hampered.
With new job descriptions some employees will find they will have to physically move to the other hospital leaving their formed relationships and possibly have longer commuting times to work. This could be difficult for some employees and may require a period of adjustment.
Ensuring the Combined Staff will Work Together without a Competitive Stance
Communication between all the members of both organizations will be essential to a smooth transition among the staff. Because the organizations currently have different hierarchies of management and processes, communication needs to be made uniform between the two organizations so that all members have equal access to instructions, memos, policies, procedures and regulations (Liebler & McConnell, 2008). Along with receiving communication, management needs to be effective in delivering communication.
Different forms of communication need to be used during this transition to ensure all staff members understand the new organization’s policies and procedures. Different forms of communication include written, such as memos and policies, as well as verbal, such as individual, team and staff meetings. During verbal communication each person needs to engage in active listening and active participation in the meetings (Liebler & McConnell, 2008).
Clear job descriptions and hierarchies will be developed so that every employee is sure of their role in the organization and who their manager is. The revised job descriptions along with “mental, physical, and technical” qualifications will be used to determine employee suitability for the new positions within the organization as well as possibly eliminating positions (Liebler & McConnell, 2008). Using these criteria for placement of employees in positions within the new organization will “foster a positive climate of compliance with nondiscriminatory practices” (Liebler & McConnell, 2008, p.204).
“Orientation and training programs tailored to...

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