Change And Culture Case Study

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Change and Culture Case Study Two
Managing in today’s Health Care Organizations HCS/514

Change and Culture Case Study Two

The basic principle in designing jobs is to create jobs that employees enjoy performing because the job is naturally appealing. There are several ways to which designing jobs can be performed efficiently, pleasant, and enjoyable ("Designing jobs that motivate," nd). There are five important job dimensions, skill variety, task identity, task significance, autonomy, and feedback ("Designing jobs that motivate," nd). A learning organization is one where employees continually expand their abilities to create desired results (Smith, 2001). Designing jobs must ...view middle of the document...

With job enlargement, all of these jobs would then be combined into one job done by one employee. When one employee has the responsibility on the enlarged job there is a greater opportunity to correct error or even reduce errors ending with greater satisfaction for the employee and customer satisfaction ("Designing jobs that motivate," nd).
The next area in designing is job enrichment. With job enrichment the idea is to provide opportunities for the employee to grow ("Designing jobs that motivate," nd). Job enrichment gives more responsibility and control over the work that is done by the employee ("Designing jobs that motivate," nd). Another idea behind job enrichment is that it increases employee motivation. By allowing the employee more control over their job, letting the employee decide how best to do their job. The method of doing the job is not what is important; it is that the job was done properly (Christensen, nd). With this kind of system, the employee gains greater autonomy, and responsibility (Christensen, nd). Two things are gained, motivation and innovation for the employee, and the manager will have more time for strategy and planning (Christensen, nd). The employees work process as well as their tasks and routines monitored for output and the process that goes on during the redesign.
Process and Performance Expectations
Job design is meant to enhance the employee job satisfaction and performance. Clear communication is important to the success of the learning organization. By communications being clear and concise employees will know and understand what is expected of them. Continued coaching and feedback will help ensure that employee performance meets the organization expectation. Expectations must be clearly identified. Managers in an organization need to be able to see the strengths in the employee and know how to apply that strength in the new design (Christensen, nd).
In the designing of jobs the organization in order to insure that the process and performances meets the desired expectations there is some key elements that can be considered. The organization needs to ensure that the decisions are made at the low level, and an individual is responsible for the entire job (Christensen, nd). Communication between management and employees must be included in the work process.
Steps to be a True Learning Organization
A learning organization is where the employees are always expanding their ability to create the desired results, new patterns of thinking are nurtured, and employees are always learning (Smith, 2001). Organizations and humans in some respect are the same. Each is able to recreate them in the area of learning (Smith, 2001). More simply put is that each has the desire to constantly learn and grow. There are five technology components that come together with new methods for the learning organization. They are systems thinking, personal mastery, mental models, building shared...

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