Chanel And L'oreal Competition Essay

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The second direct competitor to Chanel is L'Oréal, the world's largest manufacturer of high-quality cosmetics, perfumes, and hair and skin care products. Although L'Oreal the company doesn't manufacture a perfume it owns the brand Lancôme that produces Tresor a perfume that rivals Chanel. In the chart below, it lists the US female fragrances brand share by value from the 2002 Tablebase data. The chart shows how the Lancôme perfume Tresor, Estee Lauder and Chanel are in relation to each other.

Manufacturer Brand % 1996 % 1997

Estee Lauder Pleasures 5.8 5.9
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In 1953 the company formed licensee Cosmair to distribute its products to US beauty salons. Cosmair helped them add on perfume and make-up to their inventory and eventually became L'Oreal USA in 2000. The company decided to go public in 1963 unlike its opposition Chanel who has remained privately owned. In 1965 they acquired the upscale French cosmetics maker Lancôme. Lancôme makes up the luxury division of L'Oreal, which also include brands like Ralph Lauren and Giorgio Armani. The Luxury Products Division develops prestigious brands sold in exclusive and selective outlets: department stores, perfumeries, travel retail outlets and the group's own boutiques. Its mission is to offer customers personalized advice and service. The division markets useful products that integrate the latest innovations, and whose high additional value displays the quality of L'Oréal's Research.
Lancôme's history is a somewhat different and more romantic than the beginnings of L'Oreal or Chanel. In 1935, while vacationing in the French countryside, Armand Petitjean happened upon a charming castle ruin- Le Chateau de Lancôme. He was inspired by the delicate, fragrant roses which grew among the weathered stones. The rose encapsulated the feminine beauty of a woman. M. Petitjean chose the rose as the symbol of his new company, Lancôme. He orchestrated Lancôme's first appearance with great skill. In 1935, he launched five new fragrances simultaneously, presenting them to the world at the June opening of the Universal Exhibition in Brussels. (
As for today, Lancôme's mission is to provide women around the world with the highest quality products and services that fulfill their quest and enthusiasm for beauty. The cornerstones of the brand are its four key values: caring, innovation, expertise and the "French touch." From its sumptuous fragrances to it high technology skincare and fashion-forward cosmetic lines, Lancôme is synonymous with elegance and chic French style. Lancôme delivers technologically advance skincare, body...

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