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Challenges In The Publishing Industry Essay

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Progress Report 2: The Challenges in the Publishing Industry
A. We have chosen to cover the issue of the challenges in the publishing industry. First we will examine what is copyright law and how it encourages the creation of published works while limiting the accessibility to those works. In fact, copyright laws protect artists from having their works stolen or copied and sold for lower costs, and therefore guarantee them certain revenue. The monetary incentive increases the creation of music, movies and literature. However, those same laws limit the accessibility to these works. People who don’t have means to pay for entertainment and cultural works are deprived from it. In the field of ...view middle of the document...

Do you think schools should have free access to learning material considered as intellectual property? Why?
Those questions and the answers of our participants will help us build our arguments for the essay. We also want to see if people are consistent in their answers. For example, if they think it is important that artists get remunerated for their work, are they ready to pay for cultural works (movies, music, and literature)?
C. Sources
"Intellectual Property Institute of Canada - Institut de la propriété intellectuelle du Canada." Intellectual Property Institute of Canada - Institut de la propriété intellectuelle du Canada.Web. 30 Jan. 2012.
This website explains in detail all intellectual property rights and how to use these laws. This website also explains how to apply these laws. This site also explains the benefits of these laws to the people involved. It will help us get a better understanding of the concepts we will be using.
Magid, Larry. "What Are SOPA and PIPA And Why All The Fuss? - Forbes." Information for the World's Business Leaders - 30 Jan. 2012. .
This website will help us better understand what SOPA and PIPA (piracy acts) bills are and what type of effect they will have on people all over the world. It also talks about the type of protest Google and Wikipedia performed in order to raise awareness of the effects those acts would have on the Internet.
Fisher, William. "Theories of Intellectual Property." Harvard Law School.Web. 29 Jan. 2012.
This article will be used for its description and explanations of different intellectual property theories. It will certainly help us define our claim and the main ideas supporting it.
Breen, Jason C. "Youtube Or Youlose: Can Youtube Survive A Copyright Infringement Lawsuit?." Texas Intellectual Property Law Journal 16.1 (2007): 151-182. Academic Search Complete. Web. 28 Jan. 2012
This article describes YouTube’s legal struggles related to copyright and at the same time portrays it as a very powerful media channel. YouTube can be used not only for video visioning but also as a platform for advertising for artists and companies. The article debates on whether or not a copyright related issue exist and if it will influence YouTube’s future as a powerful video hosting server. This article could be very helpful in order to illustrate our main ideas and show examples of...

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