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Challenges And Security Issues Essay

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Unit 5 IP – Challenges and Security Issues
American InterContinental University

In this assignment, review of three different case studies will be discussed. Topics will include when an antivirus software cripples your computer, determining how secure cloud computing is, and electronic medical records systems. After the review of each case study, a set of questions will be answered to provide details on each study as to what was reviewed.

Challenges and Security Issues (Case Studies)
In this assignment, review of three different case studies will be discussed. Topics will include when an antivirus software cripples your computer, determining how secure cloud ...view middle of the document...

The resolution download “SuperDAT Remediation Tool” had to be downloaded from an uninfected computer, and then transferred to a flash drive in order to fix each computer, due to the fact that the networks were stripped from the computer. McAfee customers trust that their service updates are to help protect their machines, not harm them, as done in this situation.
If I were a customer of McAfee, I would definitely say that I feel as though their response should have been a lot sooner. They should have released some type of statement when they were aware of this situation, so that its customers would have known and have been made aware that they were working on the problem.
For McAfee, in the event that something like this happens again in the future, they should take into consideration the preventative measures. Their quality assurance processes need to be better reviewed (Laudon & Laudon,2012, p. 304).
Case Study #2 How Secure is the Cloud
Cloud computing is becoming more and more popular among larger companies due to the cost saving measures that it offers. The security and control problems that come into play in this case are that there are many risks. There is high distributing involved in this case when it comes to cloud computing. A company’s data resides in a virtual library in various data centers and service farms. When this data is distributed to other data centers around the world, in which you may never know where this data is. That seems to be a huge risk alone. It is also very hard to track whether or not unauthorized activity is being conducted, therefore ensuring that data is encrypted if stored on a device. Loss of data is a huge concern as well.
When it comes to the security and control of cloud computing, all parties can contribute to problem. Employees having unauthorized access controls, the infrastructure on both the provider and customer side are both very vulnerable.
Knowing how secure cloud security is, is a question that that truly depends on the provider. It is very hard to prove whether or not the data is actually secure. A public company seems to offer more security because, by law, it has to disclose how your information is being managed. Another option is given is to chose a company that allows you to chose where the cloud computing will be performed/ran. Though these are options, security can still be an issue.
Issues that would need clarification by perspective vendors would be who would have access to the data that is being transmitted. Trust would be given to a cloud computing vendor if they could ensure that our corporate systems would be secured and encrypted. The provider should not have any compliance issues. (Laudon & Laudon,2012, p. 321).
Case Study #3 Are Electronic Medical Records a Cure for Health Care?

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