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Challenges And Opportunities New Managers Facewhen Entering An Industry

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Challenges and opportunities new managers when entering an industry
In recent times, new managers entering new industries face a lot of opportunities and challenges. Some of the major opportunities and challenges are outlined and discussed extensively in this essay.
A crucial challenge faced by managers today is their ability to interact and form partnerships with international partners and competitors that they mostly don't understand. In most cases, the problem is not the language difference but cultural differences. Nardon, Luciara1 : 2008. These authors proposed two strategies for succeeding which entails developing cultural fluency and developing a global mindset. While both ...view middle of the document...

If managers are able to overcome their cultural differences it will reduce the intensity of their challenges and create room for rapid development in the organisation as well as in both new and old managers
Change is a conspicuous and inevitable challenge faced by new managers in industries. Change is a constant thing in life and it can be a generational problem. Some managers are not equipped with the knowledge required to adjust to change, they lack the insights required to adapt and to react to rapid change. Managers need to be aware of the changes taking place in their external environment and the need to acquire more skills required to respond to change in due time. Dynamism is an essential tool that will increase progress in an establishment, this is due to the fact that the world is moving at a very fast pace and hence changes are made every minute, in order to be updated to the current trend of society a manager will need to be innovative and well abreast with the modern world, its expectations as well as that of people. Therefore change should be a constant anticipation of new managers as well as experienced managers to enable them build and move their organisations forward. Ambang, Tabian1 : May 2009. Change can also come in form of opportunities and some managers don’t realise that until the change is missed as an opportunity and they are left to face the challenging aspects of it.
One of the dominant opportunities faced by new managers in industries is that it provides an opportunity for them to meet other existing and well-established managers. This creates a platform for them to share their past experiences, ideas and relate it to their work. They also share their knowledge with each other and this helps them to develop themselves. Sometimes, there might be rivalry between the new and existing managers due to lack of co-operation in decision-making of which may be to the detriment of the company to avoid these, good communication channels should be created between new and existing managers and interdepartmental workshops should be organised on a regular bases and this should comprise of...

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