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Challenges Essay

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Meeting Human Services Challenges with Technology
Challenge #2
Your nonprofit has the tools to provide great service to the community, but people aren’t aware of what you do.
Working in the field of human services the most important factor is reaching the population of people who you are trying to serve. Most nonprofit agencies have the tools to provide outstanding service to the community. The challenges they are faced with is the proper resources to continue doing the outstanding work in the community.
Some of the challenges are receiving a grant to support the nonprofit agency in the community.
By solving this problem we would apply for a government grant and write out a ...view middle of the document...

Tracking can be conducted as simple as a sign in sheet with different trades or skills. Interviewing of each candidate and creating a database that tags each individual to each different category. Have the homeless check in from time to time to follow up on leads. In addition keeping a record of updated phone numbers, emails, addresses and etc., Also what may help is help each homeless person create a business card with their personal contact number or they may use the agency address and number on the back with their special traits or skills listed.

Challenge #8
You want to insure that clients receive the services available to them, but some people do not like talking with staff members about finances, medical conditions, and other sensitive issues.
Other challenge to this problem is staff education on how to approach those who may be a little hesitant to talking about what they feel is personal business. Also, ensuring that the environment in which help is being offered is made comfortable enough for the client to relax and to feel more confident with offering personal information.
Working in the field of human services the most important factor is reaching the population of people who you are trying to serve. Unfortunately, most nonprofit agencies lack the tools to provide the outstanding service to the community which, it could be capable of. One of the most important challenges they are faced with is the proper resources to continue doing outstanding work in the community.
Gaining Proper Resources
The Life Source
One of the main challenges for resources are receiving grants and or federal funds to support the nonprofit agency in the community. By solving this problem we would apply for a government grant and write out a proposal explaining the direr need for this grant and how beneficial it would be for our agency. By applying for this grant it will help our nonprofit organization carry on by providing great service in the community properly and uninterrupted. By solving this problem and receiving the funds we as an agency can employ the staff we need to do groundbreaking work in the community, by helping others overcome, adversity, homelessness, financial situations, and so much more. The grant will allow the agency to do outreach via internet (social networks), flyers, and that will strengthen the communication tools in reaching the public.
Using Technology
Another resource that is critical to a successful nonprofit organization is having reliable people friendly technology that will enhance the...

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