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Cfc Requirements Essay

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Reginald M. Goosby
BUS 221
Writing Assignment

“Greenwashing” is the act of misleading the public regarding the environmental practices of a company or the environmental benefits of a product, service, or business line. Due to the public’s increased awareness of environmental issues, including global warming, deforestation, and the loss of endangered species, “greenwashing” has become a staple of corporations marketing efforts. A majority of America’s largest companies have become part of the “green” movement. The irony of the “green” movement of US companies is that many of the firms that spend the most money and public relations effort trying to show the government, the public, and ...view middle of the document...

ANGA spend tens of millions of dollars each year on “greenwashing” the public about the safe and “green” effects of “fracking” (Miranda 2012). For example, the video called Dig Deeper made by the ANGA is a “greenwashing” environmental marketing claim. In this video, there are a few “greenwashing” moments about the process of “fracking.” First, the narrator states that multiple layers of cement prevent contamination of the fresh water aquifer from the “fracking” process. He goes on to say that casing the well with multiple layers of cement is a very important process because it permanently secures the well and prevents toxic fluids from seeping out of the formation when the gas is brought up to the surface. This statement is misleading. There are many documented cases that indicate the cement barrier do not prevent contamination of the fresh waster aquifer. One documented case is in Pavillion, Wyoming. A retest of the water in Pavillion, Wyoming found evidence of many of the same gases and compounds the Environmental Protection Agency used to link contamination from “fracking” (Drajem 2012). Second, the video fails to mention the toxic slurry that comes back up due to pumping in vast quantities of water, sand and other chemical additives, under enough pressure to fracture rock and release the gas trapped inside. The toxic slurry that comes back up has the potential to cause cancer, damage the nervous system, and disrupt hormones. and mutate genes. Finally, the video fails to show a picture of the water aquifer when showing an animation of gas moving up the casing to the surface. This deceptive practice could imply that the fresh water aquifer is not in any risk when the gas moves up the casing to the surface.
ANGA’s Dig Deeper video does not meet the requirements of the new FTC guidelines on environmental marketing. The FTC Act prohibits deceptive act and practices when marketing environmental claims. It states that a representation, omission, or...

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