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Cezanne’s Jug And Fruit And Zurbaran’s Still Life With Lemons, Oranges And A Rose

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Look carefully at Illustration Book Plate 1.3.24, Cezanne’s Jug and Fruit (1885-87), and Plate 1.3.30 Zurbaran’s Still Life with Lemons, Oranges and a Rose (1633). Identify what you think are the main differences between them.

Cezanne’s ‘Jug and Fruit’ (1885-87 Illustration Book Plate 1.3.24) and Zurbaran’s ‘Still Life with Lemons, Oranges and a Rose’ (1633 Illustration Book Plate 1.3.30) are ‘still life’ paintings of similar objects, but are quite dissimilar in style and technique providing the viewer with quite different experiences. Paul Cezanne an artist in the nineteenth century was an Impressionist/Post-Impressionist, whereas Francisco de Zurbaran was a Spanish Baroque painter ...view middle of the document...

Rather than painting the objects proportionate in size to the other objects, he depicts them so that their size is in proportion to their importance in the composition, for example the pears on the right hand side of the table appear disproportionately large, but help to counterbalance the jug on the left side of the table. In contrast Zurbaran’s arrangement is geometrical presenting a more organised and balanced composition of three groups with the centrepiece, the basket, being equidistant from the other two groups. Furthermore Cezanne has used a multi-viewpoint perspective as part of his composition, for example, the neck of the jug is more open than it should be and some of the fruit is larger and more rounded than in real life. This perspective allows the viewer to see from several angles at once creating the sensation of a three dimensional view of the objects (Acton 2009). This contrasts with the composition of Zurbaran’s painting, in which the objects within the picture are lined up in a horizontal row and in proportion to each other, there is only one viewpoint.

Cezanne and Zurbaran have also used the paint in different ways to create a different relationship between the virtual world and the actual world, known as the picture plane. Cezanne’s painting consists of dabs of paint which look like paint on a canvas making it harder for the viewer to immerse into the world depicted by the painting (Harrison 2008). Zurbaran on the other hand uses a technique that makes the painting appear more like a photograph which helps the viewer forget that the picture is a flat canvas covered in paint. This achieves the effect of drawing the viewer into the picture space giving the impression that the picture plane is not actually there.

Another difference between the paintings is that both of these artists have used tone, colour and lighting in ways that have produced a distinctive feel to each painting. Cezanne has used a continuous pattern of interrelated hues (Shiff 1984) rather than a more conventional technique of modelling. In contrast Zurbaran places more emphasis on detail by using tonal shading and contrasting colours to give a realistic sense of size and shape. Cezanne has used quite a narrow tonal range of the warmer colours which are less true life and more of a...

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