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Cert Ed Module 4 Essay

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Cert Ed – Module 4 - Evaluation & Action Research
Assignment Project to Study & Research a Learning Programme for 14 to 16 year olds.

Introduction; The Learning Programme

Getting Started
The student is provided with a brief text description of what this module is about.
It may be beneficial to go through the text with them after letting them read through it.
The course content whilst structured, is also designed to provide flexibility of delivery.
It may be an idea to ‘tailor’ the content to suit the course on offer, depending on how long you have the group for.
Most modules include activities. In each case an opportunity for feedback is provided within the text. The number of activities can be increased or decreased

About the Course
The course structure is provided at Fig.1, this is explained to student during induction.
The course is designed to integrate key/core skills. They are encouraged, where
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5 hours
Mod 3 _ A CAREER IN PLUMBING - 0.25 hours
Mod 4 _ HEALTH AND SAFETY - 0.5 hours



Mod 10 _ PLUMBING IN THE HOME - 4 hours

Mod 11 _ SITE VISIT - as required

Student / Peer observation

As part of the course the student will be required to shadow an NVQ student whilst they carry out training activities. This will include assisting the NVQ student with whatever practical work they are carrying out, together with conducting a discussion with them based on a standard set of questions which are included in the Module text under section 1.

The shadow experience will assist the NVQ student by contributing to the evidence required under the following NVQ elements.

Element 5.1 AA1 range 2-B
Element 5.2 AA2 range 2-C
Element 5.3 AA1 range 1-C and 2-C
Element 6.1 AA1 range 1-A
Element 6.2 AA1 range 1-BC

Once the student has worked with the NVQ student they will be asked to write up a report of what they have done. They may wish to use this experience as a basis for group discussion.
It is essential to ensure that both students are aware of the responsibilities in terms of health and safety, and that adequate supervision is in place.


When the student has completed the course you will need to carry out an assessment of the candidate based on their:-
• Attitude
• Enthusiasm
• Knowledge and understanding of the subject
• Practical skills (if applicable)
• Initiative

This will be applied to each module. If successful the candidate will be issued with a Course Certificate. The modules completed will be included on the certificate. An assessment form and guidance on procedures is provided in the support material.

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