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Ceo Interview Essay

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Chief Executive Officer in TESI Company Setting vision, principles and values in one company is the main task for one CEO. Questions such as: Which markets will the company join? What products? Where the company will be in 5 years’ time? How the company gets there? ... Have to be decided by him. The CEO chosen will ensure the development and the implementation of a strategic plan for the Company TESI to maximize shareholder’s profits, he will recommend it to the Board for review and, in the Board’s discretion, approval. He will report to the Board in a timely manner on deviations from the strategic plan or any parameters established by the Board. The CEO’s second duty is building culture of ...view middle of the document...

In that way, he will fund projects which support the strategy, and he will ramp down projects which lose money or don’t support the strategy. For covering the vacancy of CEO in the company TESI, we used specialized assessment tools, in combination with the ample experience of our consultants in talent screen and assessment, as well as detailed background investigation so we carried out Omni-directional assessment of the candidate on the basis of interview. The first stage was looking for the potential candidates through several channels of communication such as but not limited to: Internet, advertisements on newspapers and so on. We identified three potential candidates so we did the interviews individually. As a result, we decided that one of them was not suitable for the job so we rejected him. As a second stage, we asked for the two candidates to fill two wellknown and high reputation tools with the main aim to know more about his personality and skills (One of them is Rocky feedback report and the second one is NEO PDR report). As a third and last stage, we introduced the two candidates to the Board of Company TESI to get the feedback and impressions from them. With all the process done and all the information collected, we did final selection and proposal to the Board of TESI Company. Our proposal, as a result to all the process above mentioned is that Mr. Conan is the proper candidate to become as CEO in the Company TESI. Mr. Conan fulfills with the expectations and the skills needed for that role. In the “five Big” skills (Emotional Reactions,...

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