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Century National Bank Assignment

1983 words - 8 pages

XYZ National Bank
A statistical data analysis was conducted regarding the checking accounts of the clients of XYZ National Bank. It encompasses tables and graphs representing the checking account balances in peso and the distribution of it among the four branches. It also includes characteristics of the accounts in terms of number of ATM transactions in the month, number of other bank services used, clients who have debit card and those who don’t have, clients who receive interest on the account and those who don’t.

It was determined that the balance of a typical customer based on the data of the account balances in peso per client given is 149,986.67. It was also determined ...view middle of the document...


The graph represents the illustration of the checking account balances and the frequency of each.


2) Balance of a typical customer.

The balance of a typical customer is 149,986.67. This was determined by computing the mean of each of the following accounts.

2) How many customers have more than 200,000?

There are 12 customers who have more than 200,000 in their accounts. This is obtained by the record of each of the customers frequency.

3) Does it appear that there is a difference in a distribution of the accounts among four branches?

Yes, there is a difference in the distribution of the accounts among the four branches, whereas Makati, Manila, Quezon City and Pasig City have sixteen, seventeen, fourteen and thirteen clients respectively.

Frequency Distribution

*TABLE 1.2*

This table shows the frequency of each of the following branches and its corresponding percent, valid percent and cumulative percent.

|Branches |Frequency |Percent |Valid Percent |Cumulative percent |
|Makati |16 |26.67 |26.67 |26.67 |
|Manila |17 |28.33 |28.33 |55.0 |
|Quezon City |14 |23.33 |23.33 |78.33 |
|Pasig City |13 |21.67 |21.67 |100 |
|TOTAL: |60 |100 |100 | |

*FIGURE 1.2*

The illustration corresponds to the histogram of the frequency of the branches.

4) Around what value do the account balances tend to cluster?

*TABLE 1.3*

|X6 |Mean |Frequency |Standard Deviation |
|Makati |128137.50 |16 |47431.675 |
|Manila |187964.71 |17 |35087.657 |
|Quezon City |135935.71 |14 |68348.289 |
|Pasig City |142346.15 |13 |70922.195 |
|TOTAL: |149986.67 |60 |59690.491 |


1. Determine the mean and median of the checking account...

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