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Centralized Student Information Center Essay

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Centralized Student Information Center

The scope of the required project is considerable, as the system would need to include information relating to 10,000 students who are enrolled in courses at the various and numerous campuses which are located across the Midwestern United States. As a result any development methodology would need to take into consideration the system requirements and how these can best be implemented. Although various options are available for the development methodology the two recommendations are for either a Scrum-based approach (agile) or a plan-based approach (waterfall).
Each approach is significantly different in terms of the way in which the ...view middle of the document...

The plan is devised and generally fixed at an early stage when the requirements are identified and the longer development process will conventionally deliver a single solution at the culmination of all other phases:
• Requirements Analysis – The needs and requirements are discussed and determined through communicating with organization stakeholders.
• Design – Specified requirements are transformed into designs and models. Accuracy is very important due to the difficulties in amending the design at a later stage.
• Coding & Testing – The final design is converted into a software platform which is then tested for bugs and errors as well as to ensure that the required functionality is in place. There will also be an element of user acceptance testing to determine the acceptability of the solution.
• Implementation – Following final approval, the software is deployed into the production environment.
• Maintenance – The product is monitored and updated with patches and fixes as required as well as any configuration changes to meet changing needs of the organization.

The proposed Student Information System could be developed using both methods, yet each with its own unique challenges. The main issue which is relevant relates specifically to the prioritization of development time in short cycles which may be difficult to reconcile with the needs of the Information System. However, this will allow for frequent changes in requirements...

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