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Censorship Online Essay

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This essay talks about issues regarding Censorship of the Internet.
According to the textbook, censorship is a way used by governments or religious institutions to supervise or regulate the public access to offensive or harmful materials (Quinn 2012, p.496). Internet censorship applies the same discipline which regulates the public access to harmful content on internet. Nowadays, internet is a place with huge potential for growth. Statistics suggest that the total growth of new internet users is 566.4% from December 31, 2000 to 2012 (Internet World Stats 2012) (Refer to Appendix one). In the mean time, the resources and contents on the internet are growing rapidly at an uncontrollable ...view middle of the document...

Based on the survey on youth in the Silicon Valley, 96% of the children ages from 10 to 17 use the internet and 88% of them have a computer at home (Kaiser Family Foundation 2003, p.19) (Refer to Appendix two). It can be seen that with the development of information technology, Children can easily access to the internet not only at home but at many places such as schools, libraries. That makes it harder for parents to guide their children on the internet all the time. If there is no certain censorship protecting children on internet, children may access to harmful information including dangerous concepts, violence, cyber bullying, cyber stalking and child pornography that they shouldn’t be exposed to at their ages. These kinds of materials potentially have very bad effects on children’s future recognitions and morality. The issue of CIPA can censor the internet that prevents harmful materials doing damage to children on internet. It’s very important to make everyone clear that providing harmful materials to children are wrong, so internet censorship on this aspect can work properly and need to be done to help children.
Internet censorship can also work in the case of copyright infringement on internet. It is illegal to download or use any product that under the protection of copyright policy. Users on internet are not allowed to use those products without the permission of the copyright holders. However, the misuse of copyrighted resources such as pictures, music, films are quite common on internet currently. In US, piracy is common, 46% of the adults downloaded music, TV shows or movies for free (The American Assembly 2011, p.2) (Refer to Appendix three). Thousands and millions of people are committing copyright crime on internet every day. Some of them know exactly what they are doing, while others have no idea they are breaking the law. Although copyright infringement is illegal, so many people still utilize these resources because they are easy to get. More importantly most of these resources are free. However, it is unfair to the copyright owners because their rights are being violated (Andrews 2005, p.4). Internet censorship is a way to protect the rights of copyright owners. For example, there is a non-profit company called Copyright Agency Limited (CAL) which is set up by...

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