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Censorship Essay

996 words - 4 pages

Paul Lee
Professor Askren
English 100
March 7, 2012
Suppression of information and ideas by anyone, whether it be government officials, writers, or artists, censorship is what blankets the world from seeing what the truth really is. Media and ads in various forms are forced to be careful what they air to the public. With the growth of technology and the expansion of resources available via the Internet: Email, World Wide Web, and Video-Chatting, the amount of censorship throughout the world has increased drastically over the years. Every nation on Earth has a certain form of censorship that ranges from the extreme to the not so extreme. The United States and most European ...view middle of the document...

With the United States wanting to continuously pursuit and prosecute the Vietnamese government, it banned the public showing. Any type of individual or group can misuse censorship, but the question lies as to what degree it’s misused, that can make it immoral.
From the passage above, one can clearly see that censorship has its negativities, but it also has its benefits. In its downward sense, censorship restraints and limits diversity, and the share of information that should be available for everybody to hear and witness. It halts and slows the flow of information, when it might be important for the public to hear. Awareness campaigns, help ads, and enlightenment ideas (People in North Korea believe that Kim Jong-Il was able to create thunderstorms through clapping his hands) won’t reach out to the people if censorship is too strong. The beneficial sense of censorship is that it protects the nation from people gaining access to certain information that might be detrimental to a nations security and or to an individual such as a little kid. Examples such as pornography, school textbooks, and government intel are all in forms of being “censored”. Pornography is attacked (censored) because of the fear that it will corrupt a person’s morality or perhaps even lead to inappropriate sexual acts. School textbooks and library materials are also cleansed (censored) by the government who fear that if books aren’t censored, then it’d teach immoral values to children at a young age. Government controls information concerning national security, because of the fear that if it’s revealed, then it may aid an enemy. This is something that the government secured in the highest-level all throughout history. Even during World War I the government checked letters so that secrets such as war plans and camping sites wouldn’t be...

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