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Celta Pre Course Task Essay

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Pre-Course Task
Section 1 Learners and Teachers, and the Teaching and Learning Context
A Teaching and learning contexts
Task 1
1. In what context will you be doing the CELTA course?
Answer: I will be doing the CELTA course in these following contexts:
• Lesson in groups
• Monolingual groups
• Open groups
• Part-time courses
• Learners with little or no previous formal education
• Similar ability groups
• Mixed gender groups
• Day classes
• Teachers with English-speaking backgrounds

2. Do you know what context you will be teaching in after you finish the course?
Answer: I will be teaching in these following contexts after finished the course:
• Lesson in groups
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2. How would you find out?
Answer: I would like to give them a small talk prior to or at the beginning of the course to find out more about their cultures and their learning purpose. Then I will give them a test to find out their abilities to learn.
C Motivation
Motivations for learning English
Task 4
If you were teaching a group of learners, each of whom had different motivations for learning
English, which learners would be the most challenging in terms of motivation?
Answer: The most challenging learners in terms of motivation would be those who have pressure from something (family, job...) and are unsure of their goals. To them, learning English is just a chore and hardly find happy learning English.
D The qualities and skills of a good language teacher
Task 5
Look at the list of qualities and skills that a teacher might have. Which do you think learners
most often rate in the top five?
• has a sense of humour
• has a calm presence
•builds rapport
•is approachable
• knows how to listen well to students
•trusts learners
•is patient
•respects individuality
• gives clear information and feedback
• knows about language and learning
•inspires confidence
• is sensitive to learners as people
• paces lessons to match the learners
• is methodical and well-organised
•plans well
• can be authoritative without being distant
• is always learning and developing
• is enthusiastic and inspires enthusiasm
•is friendly
•is honest
• empathises with the learners
• does not complicate things unnecessarily
• is sensitive to the culture and backgrounds of the learners
Answer: In my opinion, these following qualities and skills would be rated as top five:
• has a sense of humour
•is friendly
•is patient
•inspires confidence
• is enthusiastic and inspires enthusiasm
Section 2 Language Analysis and Awareness
A Grammar
Task 6
Make a list of associations you have with the word ‘grammar’. (They may not all be negative!)
Answer: To me, 'grammar' is just a tool that help us connect words to express our thought.
Task 7
Look at the following sentences and decide which are correct. Write a correct version of the
examples that are incorrect.
1. We’ve been looking for you for ages. (Correct)
2. I’ve been to the movies last night. (Incorrect)
Correct version: I watched the movies last night.
3. He often come late. (Incorrect)
Correct version: He often comes late.
4. They were waiting by the fountain. (Correct)
5. Can I have a coffee black, please? (Incorrect)
Correct version: Can I have a black coffee, please?
6. People with 12 items or less can queue here. (Correct)
Task 8
Provide a list of reasons why English language teachers need to know about grammar. In
doing so, try to give some thought to the learners’ perspective.
Answer: A teacher must be able to help students to overcome their problems and one of the biggest problems of learners is grammar. That's why as an English teacher, we need to know about...

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