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Celta Example Essay

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8. It’s opposite the school. b. preposition of location
1. Where has he gone? - e. past participle

2. I’d think twice if I were you.
3. The cat was licking itself.
4. Are you talking to me?
5. Would you like to dance?
6. She crashed her father’s car.
7. They’ll be closing now.
9. It was the best thing to do.
10. Not enough fruit is being eaten.

8. It’s opposite the school.
b. preposition of location
c. adjective
d. infinitive
f. future continuous
g. reflexive pronoun
h. genitive
i. uncountable noun
j. second conditional
k. present continuous

What is a past participle?
A past participle indicates past or completed action or time. It is often ...view middle of the document...

* In this example "I" does the action of cutting the hair and at the same time "I" gets the action of the hair being cut.

* We defended ourselves brilliantly. 
* In this example the reflexive pronoun "ourselves" refers back to the subject of the sentence.

* John talks to himself when he is nervous.
* In this example "Himself" refers to John.
Reflexive pronouns always act as objects not subjects, and they require an interaction between the subject and an object.
For example:
* Because she was not hungry when the cake was served, Ellen saved herself a piece.
* In the independent clause, "Ellen" is the subject and "herself" is a reflexive pronoun acting as the indirect object. This sentence is grammatically correct.

* Jhon and myself are going to the movie.
* In this sentence, "Jhon" and "myself" are the subjects. Reflexive pronouns cannot be subjects. This sentence is grammatically incorrect.
Care must be taken to identify whether the noun is singular or plural and choose the pronoun accordingly.
For example:
* Nor is she shy about giving herself credit for it.
* We gave ourselves a second chance to complete the course.
* Did they lock themselves out of the house again?
* Give yourselves a pat on the back for a job well done.
Note: The reflexive pronoun can also be used to give more emphasis to the subject or object (intensive pronoun).
For example: 
* I did it myself. 
* I want to emphasise the fact that I did it.
* He washed himself.
* She looked at herself in the mirror.
* Diabetics give themselves insulin shots...

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