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Celta Assignment 2

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Of the two suggested texts for use in a reading lesson with Entry 2 ESOL students, the text entitled ‘Education in the UK’ was selected on the basis of its content/relevance and on the grading of the language used.
Upon arrival in the UK, many ESOL students have little to no experience of a system of education and as a result, are often unfamiliar with many of the concepts present in the British education system, i.e. the fact that attending school is compulsory for children between the ages of 5 and 16.The text ‘Education in the UK’ not only provides students with an opportunity to practice reading as a receptive skill but it also acts as an informative piece of reading material ...view middle of the document...

Being interested in the subject of a text can act as an ‘incentive’ to read it. The more the students want to read, the more likely they are to read which in turn develops their reading skills. (Harmer 2007)
Activity: Students are asked to speak in small groups about schools/education in their country or a country they are familiar with.
2) Pre-teach vocabulary
Teaching vocabulary is more often connected with language lessons than with skills lessons however, there are those who argue that the pre-teaching of vocabulary is necessary in a skills lesson, especially reading. Not all unfamiliar words can be understood through inference and if, as is often the case, a text comprises several unknown items of vocabulary, the student’s ability to grasp a global understanding of the text is greatly reduced. So, to avoid rendering a text incomprehensible pre-teaching vocabulary is sometimes worthwhile.
Activity: Students are given cut outs of words and their meanings and they must match each word to its meaning.
3) Gist/scanning task
Scanning and skimming are skills readers use to find general information about a text. It is necessary that learners adopt the ability to scan for gist to avoid becoming bogged down with irrelevant information and to be able to extract main points/ideas.
a) Students must say where they think they would find this type of text i.e. in a newspaper, on an internet website, in a magazine.
b) Students must decide how many main points there are in the article and give a brief outline of what they are.
4) Intensive reading task
Intensive reading tasks are designed to allow students to read for specific information within a text.
Activity: Students are given several sentences must say whether each one is true or false.
5) Extension activity
By incorporating an extension or follow-up...

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