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Celta Assignment 1 Focus On Language

904 words - 4 pages

1. Model sentence:

I’ll have finished the project by Friday. ( upper intermediate)

Analysis of meaning:

We use the Future Perfect to express that an action has started sometime in the past, which is still going on and it will end at some point in future. It is often used with “by+ time reference”.


I have started working on a project . I am still working on it ,but I am sure that I will finish it before Friday.

Checking Meaning:

Did I finish working on my project? (No)

Do I know when I will finish my project? (Yes, by Friday)

Will I finish the project on Saturday? (No)

I’ve started _______________>___________________/
working on a ...view middle of the document...

Phonology :

You shouldn’t have told her.
Students would need help with the pronunciation of shoudn’t+have. The teacher needs to drill “shouldn’t +have” a couple of times. The teacher also needs to show stress above shouldn’t + told.

3. Model sentence:

I don’t mind working late. (Pre- intermediate)

Analysis of meaning:

We use “don’t mind” to express that “ there is nothing against it or it’s fine”. In this case the speaker is saying that he/she often works late and that it is not a problem for him/her.


I work at a bank. My work hours are 9 to 5, Sunday to Thursday. However, most of days, I have to stay longer and work till 7pm in the evening and I don’t have any problem with that.

Checking meaning:

Do I work after 5 o’clock ? ( Yes)

Do I have a problem with that? ( No )

Do you mind working late sometimes? ( student’s answer)


I don’t mind working late

verb(neg.) +mind + verb+ing(gerund)

Gerund is a verb used as a noun ( Verb + ing = gerund)
Verb “do” changes for third person singular number. For example,
He doesn’t mind working late.


I don’t mind woking late.
/dɔːn maɪnd/

The teacher needs to show the stress above “don’t“ and point out the fact that often in colloquial speech “t” is lost.

Model sentence:

John ran out of money. (pre-intermediate)

Analysis of meaning:

“Run out” is a phrasal verb. We are using it to indicate that John has spent all his money and he doesn’t have any.


John and Rony went out for a...

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