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Celta Assignment 1

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Part D: Context, Concept, Form & Function

1. I must have left it in the restaurant

1. Function: Expressing deductive near certainty about a past action.

2. Context:

John and Amy have just come home from a Chinese restaurant. John can’t find his wallet. The last time he remembers using it was when he took it out to pay for food in the restaurant. He says ‘I must have left it in the restaurant’.

3. Form: Subject + must have + past participle.

4. Anticipated problems:
Ss may misinterpret the use of must and have, thinking that it refers to an obligation that must be done in the future. This notion may be ...view middle of the document...

Structure: Using the present continuous to talk about a planned future event.

2. Context:

Jack and his mother are at home having breakfast in the morning. She asks him if he would like to go for a walk at 11.30. He explains that he can’t, saying “I’m playing tennis with Peter at 11.30” , before adding that he has already called Peter and arranged to meet him.

3. Form: Subject + be verb (am, contracted to ‘m) + base verb + ing

4. Anticipated Problems:

Meaning: Ss may misinterpret the use of the present continuous by assuming that it shows that Jack is playing tennis now, not in the future.
Form: Ss may change playing to its base form of play, as would happen if the sentence was formed using I am going to play, ie – I am play tennis with Peter at 11.30.

Receptively, Ss may fail to hear the ‘m or the ing, changing the sentence to present simple and perhaps leading them to mistake it as a statement of routine – I play tennis with Peter at 11.30.

The marker sentence uses a contracted I’m, pronounced / aɪm / . Productively, Ss may fail to process and then produce this contraction – instead pronouncing it as / aɪ æm /.

5. Concept checking questions.

a) Is Jack going for a walk with his Mother at 11.30? (No)
b) Why not? (Because he is playing tennis)
c) Is he playing tennis now? (No, later)
d) What time is he playing at? (11.30)
e) Has he already arranged to play with somebody? (Yes he has).
f) Who is he playing with? (Peter)
g) How did he arrange to play with Peter? (He called him earlier).

3. I’d rather go to a Thai restaurant

1. Function: Expressing a preference.

2. Context:
Sue and and Paul want to eat at a restaurant for dinner, so Paul asks Sue if she would like to go to an Italian. However, Sue already went to an Italian restaurant last night so she doesn’t really want to eat Italian food again. She says ‘I’d rather go to a Thai restaurant’.

3. Form:
Subject + would (‘d) rather + base verb

4. Anticipated problems:
Meaning: Ss may fail to understand I’d rather as a way of expressing an alternative preference based upon a lack of enthusiasm for Paul’s suggestion, thinking that it means that Sue would always prefer to go to a Thai restaurant instead of an Italian one, rather than on this specific...

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