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As I ran I could feel my heart pounding, I swear almost through my chest, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. I still had a heart and I was still running from them. The hard pavement was filled with a stream of never ending circles that my eyes had been creating from loss of oxygen. As I passed people and buildings, one after the other, I couldn’t help thinking that maybe it was time to give up and turn in, but I’d quickly lose the thought as my mind wandered upon other things like where to turn next. Once and awhile I could hear them coming from all angles until it soon subsided just to start again. I knew prowling for a man like me in New York City would be one giant game of cat and ...view middle of the document...

I thought I was done for, but I wouldn’t give up, so I opened the door and ran and was still running after an hour or so but tiredness was consuming my entire body. Approaching what looks to be a nice bench I needed to sit and rest, so risking everything I curled up and fell asleep under a dimly lit sky and the blare of sirens in both ears. I guess you could say things went downhill from there and even farther downhill from that. I awoke to a cluster of men in blue uniforms and funny looking hats staring down at me with prideful stares and pointing weapons. “Freeze, don’t move!” one yelled loudly. Truth is, I couldn’t move. I was in shock and all I could do was stare. In less than a minute I was handcuffed in the back of a cop car that had a strong stench of sweat and coffee. The officer explained all the stuff they’re required to say that you hear on T.V. only a thousand times, so paying attention was the last thing on my mind. Thoughts that didn’t even belong in my mind started overwhelming and clouding my head like one big blur. This is it I thought, I’m going to prison and who knows the next time I’ll see my family or freedom. We arrived at the jail at 2 o'clock in the morning. I was exhausted and my body ached everywhere. I was in too much of a daze to even try to take in my surroundings but I know when we arrived there were over a dozen people like me waiting to be checked in by the rude lady at the front. They stripped me and took everything I owned, which I have to say is not much. After hours of waiting I finally was put into a cell of my own where I was to sit until the next day when they would figure out what to do with me. Sitting in a holding cell over night was surprisingly a relief. Finally I could get some sleep and not have to dream of people or things coming to take me away, I felt at ease and sleep just came naturally.
By the next week I was on a long yellow bus filled with scruffy, scary people who were here for the same reason I was. The bus, filled with 47 people, was heading for the Bayview Correctional Prison in New York. As we arrived the court yard was filled with people of all different types playing basketball with hoops that looked like they’d been there since the building was first built in 1934 and balls that were black from over use. The prison was brick and looked bigger than any other prison I had been too. The steps leading to the front were marble and sprawling and gave me a soothing feeling which soon vanished as the reality that I was at a prison snapped back in my mind. The entire place was surrounded with a sky high fence laced with razor wire, protecting what lied beyond. We all shuffled off the bus and entered the massive front gate topped with barbed wire effortlessly and without any energy. Before we could advance we were all separated and told who would enter and who would get back on the bus to go to a different prison. Once those who were told to further on, including me, had gone inside we were...

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