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Can anyone remember the last time they had to go to the library to research, pick up the paper to read the news, or even workout to lose weight? Technology has taken our society and made it lazy. I am only 17, but even I see the constant changes in my lifestyle because of technology. There was a point in my life where I would wake up and walk down the stairs in the morning, go for a jog, come home read the paper, and call my grandfather and ask him how he was doing. Now, I wake up flip open my laptop and search Facebook for half an hour looking through my “friend’s” social updates, then I take some vitamins and other pills, and text a few people. I lost interest in the important things ...view middle of the document...

In result, if schools are giving students the opportunity to cheat, why not take it? I’ve seen it myself when a student will send a text or take a picture of the questions and send it to their friend. I was actually doing an exam once when the student next to me was texting under his desk and the teacher had no clue. I didn’t say anything because in my mind the only person they were hurting was themself but it still upset me. This is similar to an incident that a New York City school teacher spoke about, “a student in my class cheated by texting the questions to a friend, who would then type it into the internet and text back the answers. I feel bad for the student, he’s smart and tried to take advantage of the schools cell phone policy and now he is in big trouble.” (St. Gerard, 2) In both of these situations the use of a cell phone was taken advantage of and the students didn’t learn. Unfortunately, they don’t know the long term effects of their laziness. A cell phone is like a vampire it sucks the life out of anyone it comes in contact with. If only someone cared about the damage that is being caused instead of how much money they were making off each cell phone bought.
Continuing on, there is the issue of parents or friends trying to contact their children in case of emergencies, if they need to change plans, for rides, or vice versa. Now I agree that cell phones have their benefit when it comes to emergencies or even just talking to parents or friends when necessary, but too often it is abused. Students don’t have enough self-control for the responsibility. Plus, if having a cell phone in class if so important how come our parents were able to survive? Firstly, most of the friends that a student can talk to will be in the same building or classroom and you can wait until recess or after school to talk. Secondly, it isn’t like someone will die for taking an extra ten seconds to call into the school instead of calling a student’s cell phone. Especially considering the parent would have to call, or come into the school to sign the student out even if it is an emergency. Finally, if a parent needs to change a plan or discuss rides it can wait until after class, just because people are always in a rush doesn’t mean student learning should be pushed aside. If it is proven to be beneficial to have a cell phone in class because of emergencies then the Board of Education can look into implementing a pager or beeper that is used to signal emergencies. Overall though there isn’t enough support to suggest cell phones are a necessity in class. (McGuire, 1)
Furthermore, cell phones...

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