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Cell Phone Usage While Driving Essay

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Assignment 2: Research Proposal- Thesis, Major Points, and Plan
Kiser Young
Professor Paul Hackman
ENG 215: Research & Writing
April 26, 2015

Cell phone usage while driving should be a concern to all motorist and policymakers. Is that Facebook update, or retweet on Twitter, even that selfie for Instagram worth your life or the lives of others in the car or on the road? It’s often said that individuals take many things for granted but your safety should not be one of them. This “distracted diving” is becoming the new DUI. Needless lives are lost on our highways, and while doing our best to stay so connected to people in our lives that potential fatal accident could in fact sever ...view middle of the document...

Then there are those dare devil drivers, with Superman’s invincible power that believe using hand held devices while driving is not as dangerous as policymakers are making it. They believe that driving while using their hand held devices for whatever reason is no more distracting that holding a conversation, a woman put on make-up, changing the radio stations, or eating on the go; should those be banned as well?
With this paper regardless of which side is chosen by the individual, I want to bring to focus of safety to the limelight. I want people to understand just how dangerous driving while using cell phone can be. We need to understand that that text that took approximately 3 seconds to send could cause the fatal and tragic death of an innocent passenger, other family, or pedestrians minding their own business. Numerous of lives are lost on the road due to cell phone usage while driving and for what? Convenience? Death isn’t a convenience.
Now not all drivers who are on their cell phone devices are doing something dangerous like texting, or updating a post on social media. There are a lot of drivers like myself so have no real sense of direction, so an important app I use that I know many others use is the GPS and navigation applications. I do understand that there are emergencies that do occur but that should be the only time a person should be on the phone. It just goes to...

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